Yard Dorms May Admit Girls

Harvard Yard, a male bastion for the last 335 years, may soon follow the Houses and admit women to its ivycovered dorms.

Stephen B. Farber '63, special assistant to President Bok, said yesterday, "We are seriously considering the possibility of admitting freshmen women to the Yard. My own personal feeling is that it is a good bet we will do so."

Farber added, "Assuming full approval of Bok's intention to increase the number of Radcliffe women, there will be a number of new female students to house. One solution would be to house them in the Yard."

No Comment

Other Harvard administration officials said they were reluctant to comment on the subject. Dean Epps said last night the subject. Dean Epps said last night "allowing women to live in the Yard is one alternative being considered."


F. Skiddy von Stade, Jr., dean of freshmen, said last night that he thought the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) would probably make the final decision. However, he added, "I can't really talk about it now."

Farber said yesterday that "there will probably be 50 fewer men and 120 additional women in next year's freshman class, because of President Bok's proposed 2.5:1 ratio." He said he anticipates a "net gain of from 70 to 100" in the total number of freshmen admitted next year.

Farber said no decision has been made about which part of the Yard the girls will occupy if the measure passes. He said, "I am not sure some of the dorms are especially great places for women." He also said the problem of Radcliffe support personnel--proctors and advisers--will have to be resolved.

Farber said, "I think it would be nice to have some women in the Yard." He added. "My impression is that a substantial number of Radcliffe women would like to come to the Yard."