GOP at Harvard May Ask That Ford Ditch Rockefeller

The Executive Committee of the Harvard Republican Club last night considered a proposed policy statement which would urge President Ford to withdraw his nomination of Nelson A. Rockefeller for vice-president.

Richard N. Smith '75 initiated the proposal which also called withdrawal for Congress to vote against the Rockefeller nomination.

The vote was six to five in favor of the statement, but the club's bylaws require a majority vote of seven to pass a proposal. The two members who were absent have one week to submit their votes.

Club president William R. Glass '75 said that he may give a one-day extension to the normal one-week period because Rep. Paul Cronin (R-Mass.) is coming to speak to the club on Oct. 30, which may influence the final decision.

Glass said that he would bring the proposal before all 150 members of the club before taking a final vote. It would be unwise for the Executive Committee to act without consulting the entire club membership, he added.


Capability to Serve

Glass voted against the statement, he said, because he believed Rockefeller would remove himself from consideration if there was any doubt as to his credibility or capability to serve.

If the proposal is passed, an official club statement will be released by the end of next week.

The Republican club won some national prominence last year when it became one of the first organized Republican groups to call on Richard M. Nixon to resign the presidency.

The club claims to be the largest political group at Harvard.