Crew Makes Waves in Dartmouth Win While Netmen Continue Victory Streak

Freshman Roundup

Harvard's freshman oarsmen had a triumphant week as they added a cup and some controversy to their undefeated record.

The Crimson heavies defeated Brown, while the lightweights brought home the Biglin Bowl for their victory over Dartmouth and MIT last Saturday.

Andover Destroyed

The Crimson's third heavyweight boat destroyed Andover, and in a startling upset the third boat lights placed second, edging out both Andover and their own second boat.

Heavyweight coach Ed Washburn '64 said yesterday there would be some switching of rowers because of the upset. "Their places weren't set, by any means," he explained.


Third light boat oarsman Mark Anderson said yesterday that Andover jumped to an early lead but was quickly challenged by the third boat lights. Both of them were passed at the 500 meter mark by the heavies. "At the end of the race Andover put on a tremendous sprint, but we nuked them by half a length," he said.

The frosh first boats will face Princeton and MIT in the heavyweight race and UMass's heavyweights will compete against the Crimson lights this Saturday. Washburn said yesterday that the second and third boats will face their stiffest competition of the season this weekend against the Kent, Princeton and MIT heavies.

Batmen Win Too

The Yardling nine skimmed by Quincy Junior College Tuesday, 8-6. Quincy jumped to a five-run lead, but Pat Daly broke the game open with a bases-loaded triple in the sixth inning.

The win over Quincy brought the team's season record to 6-1. Coach Mark Driscoll said yesterday, "The key to the team has been the defense. The starting pitchers have done an exceptional job." The Crimson batmen will face Dartmouth for a double-header this Saturday.

The frosh tennis team smashed their way one match closer to an undefeated season Saturday with a 7-2 victory over Lawrenceville. The two defeats came in the number one spot in both singles and doubles.

Exciting Match

"The most exciting match of the day was played by Scott Walker in the number two spot. He played with excellent competition and drive," coach Corey Wynn '40 said yesterday.

Wynn added, "We'll have a good chance to go undefeated this season--our toughest match was against Yale, and we've only got two more to go."

The frosh racquetmen currently hold a 6-0 record, and will face MIT this Saturday.