The Danes


To the Editors of The Crimson:

I read today's "The News in Review" page with great interest and some appreciation. I could hardly fail to discern the sense of offended egalitarianism and outraged activism that informs each of the four or five pieces written by your correspondents. Indeed it is a response to the important events and significant injustices that do occur in the community; the University Daily should not hesitate to publish such stories in an informed, responsible and if need be, dramatic fashion.

Unfortunately however, I found these articles were in part flawed by your neglect of basic criteria of good reporting. I consider some aspects of your writing critically uninformed, irresponsible and over-sensationalized. I suspect these are shortcomings of style and tone that have long characterized The Crimson.

In particular, I am offended, and feel insulted, by The Crimson's cockily arrogant and demeaningly unintelligent reportage of Queen Margrethe's of Denmark's visit to Harvard. Not only is it impolitic and unfair of the University daily to characterize the party of a visiting foreign dignitary as a "traveling show," it is a rude petty gesture to portray this distinguished visitor with pictures and words notable only for their lack of talent and taste. These moreover, share the kind of pretentious irony and mock muckraking to which the rest of the page pretends.

Though no monarchist or Danish chauvanist, or journalist for that matter, I strongly urge The Crimson to raise itself from such affronts to taste and common sense. P.E. Fuchs, '77