20.0 seconds - Harvard evades the press. This is probably it. Nice road win for the Crimson, which at last closes out a game.

30.0 seconds - Morin can shoot like a MFer. Sinks a three from deep right corner. Can he will his team back from ten in half a minute? Harvard 69, Yale 59.

40.0 seconds - Lin declines to hold the ball, makes a layup. Harvard 69, Yale 56.

56.2 seconds - Harris fouls speedy Chris Andrews, who misses the first FT. makes second. Harvard 67, Yale 56.

1:18 - McNally makes one FT. Harvard 67, Yale 55.

1:25 - Morin senses that his college career is coming to an end. Sinks a three. Harvard 66, Yale 55.

1:44 - Housman fouled by Yale, makes both. Harvard 66, Yale 52.

1:52 - Crimson run down shot clock but Lin airballs a three. Pinick is carrying Yale right now, getting to the line. He makes both. Still a big deficit for the Bulldogs to come back from. Harvard 64, Yale 52.

2:54 - Yale backcourt violation. Lots of mental miscues by the Bulldogs on Senior Night.

3:03 - Housman gives it to Lin, who slashes in for the layup. Harvard 64, Yale 50.

3:30 - Harris comes up big with an offensive rebound after McNally's desperation three bounces long off the rim.

4:09 - Lin misses a three, and Pinick gets to the line at the other end. Misses a much-needed first FT. Makes the second. Harvard 62, Yale 50.

4:54 - Knocked on his butt, Lin gets the roll and finishes. Three-point play? Yes! Harvard 62, Yale 47.

5:17 - Yale turns it over with a bad, bad pass by Fiddler. "Pretty ugly," says Mr. Kirby.

5:33 - He makes up for it with a steal and layup. Harvard 59, Yale 47.

5:47 - Lin nearly knocks in a three.

6:23 - Yale turnover gives Harvard the ball.

6:40 - Housman's controlling the ball a lot. Called for an offensive foul.

7:13 - Nice hands by Harris, forces a turnover.

7:32 - Morin makes a close shot. Then Wright up against Morin, draws the foul. No surprise, he misses the first. Makes the second. Let's see how the Crimson finish. Harvard 57, Yale 47.

8:10 - Housman gets a three while knocked down by Morin. No call. Harvard 56, Yale 45.

8:42 - Key offensive rebound by Harris after Lin bricks a late jumper.

9:18 - Nice awareness by Harvard on Yale give and go.

9:41 - After complaining about getting punched in the stomach, McNally turns it over to Yale's full court press.

9:45 - Harris goaltends a Pinick layup. Harvard 53, Yale 45.

10:27 - Yale misses a dunk. Wright prefers a softer approach, laying it in off the backboard. Harvard 53, Yale 43.

11:00 - After some ball movement, Evan Harris soars to drop it in.

12:04 - Yale called for the travel. Harvard 49, Yale 43.

12:34 - Kenyi is rather adept at drawing fouls.

13:22 - Lin goes swish from far. Harvard 49, Yale 41.

13:52 - Yale is fouled after picking up some offensive rebounds. Bulldog makes one. Harvard 46, Yale 41.

14:15 - Ideally Peter Boehm would not shoot so many three pointers.

14:52 - Near alley-oop to Pinick, who's fouled. He misses both. Free throw shooting lousy on both sides tonight.
Live video of this game can be found at

15:05 - Then McNally finds Lin for the layup. What a game he's having. Crimson's largest lead of the game. Harvard 46, Yale 40.

15:30 - McNally with the right hand right in Morin's face. That's fifteen for the freshman. Harvard 44, Yale 40.

15:47 - Morin can still handle Wright though.

16:12 - Lin on Pinick is not a great matchup for Harvard. Pinick cuts the lead back to two. Harvard 42, Yale 40

16:47 - Housman with a nifty little reverse with the right hand. Harvard 42, Yale 38.

17:09 - Wright spins to win, banking it in.

17:29 - Pinick scores inside with a move. Harvard 38, Yale 38.

17:56 - Good ball movement finds an open McNally for the three. Harvard 38, Yale 36.

18:25 - Lin gets his pocket picked; Pinick takes it all the way, chance for 3 pt play. He converts. Harvard 35, Yale 36.

18:40 - McNally fouls Morin, who shoots two FTs. He makes one. Harvard 35, Yale 33.

19:35 - Good post play by Wright with the inside jumper. Harvard 35, Yale 32.

- And for your halftime entertainment...jump rope break-dancing? The Bulldog fans are eating it up. They're just so damn talented!
Standing O, anybody?
Mr. Kirby has left out of disgust/a need to get water.
"That was pretty intense," says Mr. Walsh.
Now, time for techno "Sweet Caroline."

00.0 seconds - Nice little sequence in which Yale's Chris Andrews makes a miracle layup, then Housman takes it all the way down and knocks in a tough, tough flailing layup at the buzzer to take the halftime lead. A pretty good first half performance by the Crimson. Harvard 33, Yale 32.

22.0 seconds - Yale turns up the defensive pressure, but Wright takes over. He collects his own miss and knocks in a tough shot. Harvard 31, Yale 30.

47.1 seconds - Morin with a sweet shot to take back the lead. Harvard 29, Yale 30.

1:16 - Housman layup, then McNally forces the turnover and finishes hard. He leads the game with 10 points. Harvard 29, Yale 28.

1:47 - Focusing on stopping Morin (three guys in the air) pays a price, as Yale big man converts the putback.

2:12 - After a Yale three, Kenyi gets to the line on a ticky-tack foul. Yet another Crimson FT miss. Harvard 25, Yale 26.

2:46 - Kenyi can't really shoot threes, but his line drive jumper looks good. Harvard 25, Yale 23.

3:08 - Harris fouls 6'10" Nelson, who makes one of two. Harvard 23, Yale 23.

3:28 - Nice short jumper by Lin to give Harvard its first lead. He can't really do much driving to the hoop against the giant redwoods, but he can settle quite well. Harvard 23, Yale 22.

4:25 - He's still got it though. Lin with a floater. Harvard 21, Yale 22.

5:07 - Yale's Pinick made a nice move to convert a lay-in. Lin misses a wide-open three; he's not shooting too well.

6:02 - Lin knows how to create contact/jump into defenders. He's at the line for two, makes one. Harvard 19, Yale 20.

6:45 - Harvard is dealing pretty well with Yale's advantage inside, poking away balls and forcing tough shots. Lots of traffic inside is making it tough for Yale to finish.

7:05 - Up and down pace, neither team can finish on the break. Referee almost falls into the bleachers.

7:44 - Morin misses a jumper from the right side (Boehm may have given him a little love tap in the belly), and the ensuing fast break puts McNally at the charity stripe. He's gotta convert them, though, as he missed a key one near the end of last night's game. Harvard 18, Yale 20.

8:13 - Sigh. McNally launches an airball.

8:32 - Yale on the fast break, but McNally takes a charge. Good stuff from the freshman.

8:46 - Good to see Pusar back in. Yale center Nelson, who is huge, is at the line. He makes one. Harvard 17, Yale 20.

9:35 - Yale simply outjumps Harvard for another offensive rebound. It pays off. Harvard 17, Yale 19.

MEDIA TIMEOUT - In strong contrast to last night at Brown, Yale has only one Asian cheerleader.

9:50 - Harris and Kenyi combine on a block.

10:14 - McNally making it rain! He has seven points. Harvard 17, Yale 17.

10:58 - McNally gets swatted but Harris gets it right back.

11:22 - McNally responds to a Yale three with a triple of his own, from way out. Harvard 12, Yale 15.

12:06 - Max Kenyi should not shoot three-pointers. Yale short jumper extends the lead. McNally (who makes one FT) and Housman in the game now. We'll see how this combo works out. Harvard 9, Yale 12.

12:35 - Morin's pouring it in from outside though. Harvard 8, Yale 10.

13:18 - Harvard does a nice job preventing Morin from getting a clear look inside. Wright with the hook to tie it up. Harvard 8, Yale 8.

13:44 - Give and go from Lin to Wright, but Yale senior Brandon Rose takes the charge. He's not doing so well. Neither would you after getting run over by Keith Wright's 240 lbs.

MEDIA TIMEOUT - Cheerleaders get a Senior Night too. How sweet.

14:10 - Yale is having its way with offensive rebounds-two on the same possession. Harvard's contesting shots, though.

14:46 - Yale makes a jumper, but Crimson with another steal a possession later. Harvard 6, Yale 8.

15:39 - Harris comes up clutch on D, poking the ball away from Morin leading to a fast break and Housman layup. Harvard 6, Yale 6.

16:03 - Harris's move is called a travel.

16:10 - He tries it again, but this time blocked by Fiddler.

16:37 - Good penetration by Housman who's at the line for two. Makes both. Harvard 4, Yale 6.

16:49 - Crimson defense loses track of Morin, who makes it pay with a jumper. Harvard 2, Yale 6.

17:17 - Wright called for traveling. Lin's not doing much on offense.

17:41 - Pusar leaves court limping, after Yale big man scores inside. Can McNally take over? Harvard 2, Yale 4.

18:15 - Harris matches him with an inside move. Harvard 2, Yale 2.

18:47 - Morin with a jumper opens up the scoring.

19:14 - Yale wins tip but can't convert a laup. Harvard's first possession ends with a turnover by Housman. He's hearing it from the crowd.

Coming to you live from the Lee Amphitheater in New Haven, Connecticut.