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By Anita J Joseph, Crimson Staff Writer

Anita J. Joseph: Take me back to the moment when you found out you were one of the 15 hottest freshmen.

Joseph B. Morcos: I was obviously overjoyed. The number of girlfriends I’ve had since has been a testimony to this achievement I think.

Kelly B. Salazar: I received an email and first thought it was a joke, and then I didn’t tell anyone about it because I was weirded out by the whole thing.

AJJ: What are some challenges to staying hot at Harvard University?

Edith Jordan Taylor: I row, afterward my hair is wet sometimes.

JBM: When you have it, you don’t face challenges. I am recorded on the Internet as this incredible thing. But you have to mix it up, like this beard.

Jonathan R. Mason: I work out.

Crystal Y. Coser: First of all, this weather. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pasty. I also really like tater tots, golden nuggets, so that’s tough. I also really like my bed and TV, so that’s tough when it comes to going to the gym.

Stefan F. Botarelli: I feel like there’s no way to answer this question without sounding pretentious.

AJJ: Best or worst lie you’ve ever told

EJT: “I’m almost there.”JRM: I told everyone that I was a Baby Gap model, and everyone believed me, I was so happy.

CYC: “I’m a half-Asian sensation.”

AJJ: Describe yourself in three words.

EJT: Not as hot.

AJJ: Three years ago you described yourself in three words as, “outgoing, fun, ambitious.” Would you still say that?

Elizabeth C. Ahern: I would add, “Energetic.” I’m working for Red Bull next year, so energy has become a big word in my vocabulary.

AJJ: Do you regret any of your answers?

CYC: I definitely do because I have not been able to live some of them down.

AJJ: Crystal, you said about your hottest trait, “I’m really not one to say, but I do love my booty.”

CYC: That was definitely a joke! The hottest trait of my body is my ears.

AJJ: Did you put this on your resume?

EJT: No! Definitely not!

CYC: I don’t have to because it’s the first thing that comes up on Google.

JBM: I definitely put this on my resume especially for my application to the Boston sperm donation center. I make more money than Goldman summer interns.

AJJ: Did you get any special perks for being one of the 15 hottest freshmen? Do people recognize you?

Liinus J. Hietaniemi: There’s been a couple of weird instances where someone in Finland who I don’t know has come up to me and said, “hey I saw you on the 15 hottest freshman list.” There was also a period where Chinese people started adding me on Facebook.

ECA: My dad was so mad because when you Google my name it’s one of the first or second things that come up.

JBM: Last week I got in the same week from three different freshman, “Oh my god you were one of the 15 hottest.” It’s great, it brings people together.

AJJ: Talk to me about hair products. Do you do anything special for your skin, any moisturizers?

JBM: I’m a big couch surfer and I always steal products from the people I couch surf at, and then I just try new things all the time. I think if I use the same thing for too long it won’t work, my hair will develop a genetic immunity.

SFB: My roommate had this stuff called Moving Rubber. It sounds really strange. It’s a hair gel.

AJJ: Any advice for Class of 2016-ers hoping to make it into the 15 hottest freshman?

ECA: Don’t ever read on Barstool what people write about you.

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