Be the Change

By Nicholas S. Brown

How Harvard Can Beat the Final Clubs At Their Own Game, Inclusively

Since as far back as 1899, final clubs have been recognized as a major problem on Harvard’s campus. In a speech that year, Henry Lee Higginson, Class of 1855, chastised the final clubs for “their small membership and high expenses” and “habits of exclusiveness and luxury which hurt our democratic university." In an effort to counter the power of these clubs, Higginson donated $150,000 to build the “Harvard Union” for all those not in final clubs.

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How To Change the World and Have Harvard Pay For It

Harvard has a yellow brick road. If you want to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, Harvard can help you do that. You need only follow the path (of course with a lot of personal effort).

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It’s Time for Harvard To Ban McKinsey, Again

In the fall of 2000, Harvard’s Office of Career Services banned McKinsey and Company from recruiting on campus for one year. This would be the only recruiting ban in this century of Harvard College’s history — at least no other records of recruiting bans exist in The Crimson archives since 1982. So what did McKinsey do to warrant this largely unprecedented action?

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How Can Harvard Ask So Little of Us?

Every fall, a new group of Harvard students enter campus with extraordinary talent, wide-ranging interests, and a deep passion for civic engagement. And every spring, after corporate recruiters entice us nearly every week for our four years on campus, most of the senior class leaves for a few private industries. Of the Class of 2020 entering the workforce, 63 percent are working in finance, consulting, and technology. The numbers are especially striking for men. For every Harvard male student entering government, nonprofit, or educational work, there are more than twelve Harvard male students entering these three rarified industries. Essentially, Harvard is a sorting hat for Huffle-finance, Consulting-claw, and Gryffin-tech. It can feel like there aren’t any other options.

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