The Vanguard of Global Cuisine

By Thomas A. Ferro

Joanne Chang ’91: Happy Baking

With an area of 82,770 square feet, Harvard Square is a very small place. Home to Harvard College, the Square is a hub of energy for intellectuals and entrepreneurs, artists and scientists. And within this small yet far reaching world, there are numerous institutions that contribute to the intensely calibrated café and bakery culture of the collegiate community. From the chic but busy boutique cafés of Blue Bottle and Tatte to the classics like Peet’s and J.P. Licks, there is one place that seems to evade all other competition: Flour Bakery.

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Apollonia Poilâne ’07 and the Culture of Bread

Apollonia Poilâne ’07 sat at the table in her office, a simple room with stacked books on the windowsills, clean white walls, simple furniture, simple art. A small dog slept nuzzled in a blanket on the couch. Light flooded in through the large glass windows. The room was bright, spacious, sparse.

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