So you probably scrolled through your newsfeed this week looking for videos of good April Fools’ pranks only to encounter black and white photos of symmetrically-faced boys and girls telling you to come to Identities. If you don’t know what that is, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about where to find these beautiful people this weekend.

What is it a new final club?

Nope, no final club here. Identities is the College’s annual fashion show run by students. It’s a showcase to display creativity and student diversity. Every year, the Leadership of the Arts award is given to a designer of Identities’ choice who has made an impact in the fashion and design world. Last year, they gave it to Vera Wang- who will get it this year?

Wait...Identities and Eleganza aren’t the same thing?

Eleganza is a fashion and dance show, whereas Identities is a traditional walk down the runway. The models tend to overlap a lot for both shows though!

Why do these models keep trying to sell me donuts?

That’s right. The students involved in Identities have been strutting around campus selling Krispy Kreme donuts ($10 for a dozen) weeks leading up to the event in order for fundraising. Shameless, especially if you’re still trying to lose the Freshman 15.

What are these Swag Bags everybody keeps talking about?

These are the goodie bags given to those with VIP tickets. Who knows what’s in store for this year, but Identities 2014 Swag Bags’ included makeup, snacks and gift cards to Aritzia. So what if Aritzia is Canadian and we love to make fun of Canada? Swag is swag.

But, you still haven’t told me– How do I go see Identities?

Head over to Northwest Labs at 8 p.m. tonight with your ticket, and enjoy the wonderful clothes and the people who wear them!