How to Wear Your Harvard Dorm Room Key

By Sophie G. Garrett

We all know that not knowing where to keep your key is a big deal for most freshmen — and even for some upperclassmen still struggling with finding the “key” spot for their key — so we thought we would share some tips on where you should put yours.

The Classic “Around the Neck” Approach

Arriving on Harvard’s campus on the first day of college was filled with lots of excitement, free swag, and the infamous crimson Harvard lanyard. We were told by our parents that wearing our keys on this lanyard makes us look like someone who can’t keep track of things, but, so be it. Wearing a key on this high-quality crimson lanyard is easy. It’s difficult to lose something when it’s constantly hanging around your neck, and the noise of the key as it swings back and forth on the chain is a constant reminder that at the end of the day, this noisy key will be used in the process of (finally) heading back to bed.

The Easy Access, Sophisticated, Noise-Free Approach

In contrast to the “Around the Neck” approach, this way of wearing your key requires skill and coordination, but considering its benefits, the effort is well worth it. Just take a hair tie and maneuver the ring of your key onto the end. Then, wrap the hair-tie around your key twice so that the key is no longer hanging but is instead, pressed against your wrist. As you walk around campus wearing your key in this fashion, you will not only look sophisticated, but will also show your mastering of key couture. (Warning: You might have the imprint of a key on your wrist throughout the semester).

The “I’m Too Cool to Wear My Key” Approach

This approach to wearing (or not wearing) your key is possibly a newer approach to key fashion. With the advent of phone wallets, it’s as easy as ever to slide your key right into the back of your phone. Just make sure that your key doesn’t fall out of your phone wallet — because getting a new key is most definitely not free.

The, “Let’s Hope No One Finds My Key Under My Doormat” Approach

For those who are the laid back type and don’t mind coming back to their dorms finding their doors unlocked with the key innocently lying on the floor, the doormat approach is the one for you. Still, don’t fret the next time your door is open and you immediately assume that someone broke into your dorm — it may just be your roommate. As should be derived from the name of this approach, this way of storing your key requires a simple doormat — but feel free to buy a super trendy one, since it’ll end up in front of your room.

And Last, but Most Definitely Not Least, the “Keychain” Approach

These students who follow this approach prefer not to wear their keys at all, and rather enjoy the keychain way of life. Though it’s curious why these students choose to not wear their keys, it is also quite commendable. At the end of the day, why do students feel the need to wear their keys at all? Do your parents wear their keys when they go to work? Have you ever seen anyone wear their house key outside of Harvard? If you find yourself adulting throughout your time out here, kudos to you.

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