Quiz: Which Harvard Library Are You?

By Michael Gritzbach

Deep down we all want to be Widener, but some of us are Lamonts, and that’s just a fact that we have to live with. Get back into study mode this semester with this Harvard Library Quiz!

1) What is your favorite book genre?

A) Young Adult

B) Non-Fiction

C) Self-Help

D) Fantasy or Science Fiction

E) Historical Fiction

2) What is your study strategy?

A) Listen to music

B) Hide in the stacks and grind

C) Procrastination until the very last possible moment

D) Hide in your room

E) Plan and stick religiously to a Gcal

3) What do you do if you have 10 minutes of free time?

A) Ten-minute naps

B) Put the math pset aside to learn that Spanish vocabulary

C) Check your Facebook or preferred social media site

D) Go for a walk along the Charles

E) Step back and evaluate your productivity

4) Which of these spots on campus do you frequent the most?

A) Barker Center

B) Memorial Church

C) Science Center

D) Athletic Complex

E) Hemenway Gym

5) What is your favorite TV show?

A) “Jane the Virgin”

B) “Supernatural”

C) “Breaking Bad”

D) “The Office”

E) “Suits”

6) What is your ideal bookshelf height while studying?

A) Ones you can hide behind so your friends can't see you

B) Just high enough that you will not see anyone getting down and dirty

C) What bookshelves?

D) Large stacks of books will suffice

E) The higher they are, the smarter I am


Mostly As: You are Lamont Library! You are a social studier, who doesn’t like to be alone while completing that pset or churning out that essay. Misery loves company, and at Lamont, you can rest assured that there are numerous acquaintances with whom you can share your pain.

Mostly Bs: You are Widener Library: serious, intense and with 10 layers to your deep personality. You mean business in whatever you do — be it preparing for that math midterm or cranking out job applications in the safety of the stacks. And silence, of course, is golden.

Mostly Cs: You are Cabot Science Library! Whether you are a team worker, are allergic to bookshelves, or like 1000-piece puzzles, this spot epitomizes your commitment to finishing your work … Two hours over the time you had slotted out for it.

Mostly Ds: You are the Harvard Business School Baker Library! You like to try out new things, explore different places, and no one ever quite knows where you are. Maybe you will make some graduate student friends who can give you life advice!

Mostly Es: You are the Law School Library! You are ambitious, a planner to the tee, and have high hopes for the future.

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