Flyby Commencement 2019!

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Flyby Blog is proud to present the first-ever annual Commencement issue! Students can check out this issue of Flyby for pieces about life post-Harvard, commencement how-to's, throwbacks, and interviews with seniors about their time at Harvard. We'll be posting one category of content each day!

5/27 — The Time of Your Life: To finish off the Flyby commencement issue, we're giving you senior and tutor interviews reflecting on your time at Harvard! So! Many! Feels!

5/24 — Throwbacks: Today we're throwing it back to your freshman year! Check out the Flyby commencement issue for a playlist taking seniors back to their freshman year and fun pieces reminding you of what's different and what's stayed the same since then!

5/23 — How to Post-Harvard: What — you might ask — about life after Harvard and commencement? Flyby is here to help with some content specifically tailer to help you in the ultimate post-Harvard how-to!

5/22 — How to Commencement: Today is all about commencement how-tos! Check out our writers takes on the weirdest senior sale items they found, a commencement-time bucket list, and some do's and don'ts for commencement!

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