Hacks for Staying Awake in Class

By Ellis J. Yeo

The first month of the term is over, meaning that you’re probably either skipping your classes or taking some fat naps during those “mandatory attendance” ones. But what if you actually want to learn something and make some good use of your time in class? Here are some Flyby hacks for staying awake in class.

Skip the Lunch Carbs

The number of times we’ve crashed during afternoon lectures right after eating a huge lunch definitely requires more than a few hands to count. If possible, try to eat after class, or just take a snack with you to lecture.

Sit in the Front

When was the last time you slept right in front of your professor? That’s right: probably never. Sitting in the front row is just like another form of caffeine, and you’ll at least be fighting to keep those eyes open.

Sit Next to Your Lecture Hall Crush

Here, you can kill two birds with one stone. Spend some quality time learning about the glory of free market economies, while your dopamine levels rise as you sit next to your 1:30 p.m. Science Hall B romantic interest.

Take a Midday Coffee Break

Morning coffee wasn’t good enough? Just take another cup before your afternoon haul. Make sure you take a bathroom break before classes start, though, since leaving in the middle kind of defeats the whole goal of actually being present in lecture.

While “get more sleep!” is probably the healthy answer to most problems in life, we don’t blame you if you struggle to get everything done while still fitting in those eight hours. Next time you’re looking to actually pay attention in class, though, at least you’ll have some creative ways to keep your eyes open.

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