Claudine Gay

Black Alumni Group Demands Harvard Reaffirm Support for DEI Efforts in Letter to Garber

A group of Black Harvard alumni demanded that the University clarify and reaffirm its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on campus in a letter to interim President Alan M. Garber ’76 and Harvard’s governing boards.

Harvard Submits Documents to House Committee, Shares New Details on Gay Plagiarism Review

Harvard provided a slew of documents on Friday to a congressional committee investigating the University’s handling of plagiarism allegations against former President Claudine Gay, including an eight-page report that offers the most comprehensive summary to date of Harvard’s own review of the allegations.

Harvard Alumni Split Over Claudine Gay’s Resignation Amid Controversy

Harvard alumni were split over former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation, with some expressing concerns about the influence of conservative activists and politicians while others embraced her decision to step down after a brief, controversy-ridden tenure.

88 Days: The Unraveling of Claudine Gay’s Harvard Presidency

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned on Jan. 2, ending her tenure as the University's 30th president after it was clear the Harvard Corporation lost confidence in Gay's ability to lead amid mounting allegations of plagiarism and unrelenting criticism of her congressional testimony.

Healey ‘Disappointed’ by Former Harvard President Gay’s Resignation, Slams Stefanik

Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey ’92 said she was “disappointed” by former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation, calling it the result of a broader attack on higher education during a radio interview Tuesday.

House Committee Gives Harvard Two Weeks to Submit Documents on Antisemitism

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce gave Harvard two weeks to provide a litany of documents relating to its investigation into antisemitism on campus in a Tuesday letter to the Harvard Corporation and interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76.

Interim Harvard President Alan Garber ’76 Urges Campus Unity Amid ‘Painful and Disorienting Time’

Less than one week after Claudine Gay stepped down as president, Harvard’s interim leader Alan M. Garber ’76 expressed sorrow over her resignation and urged affiliates to work together to address divisions on campus in a University-wide message on Monday, his first since assuming office.

Ex-Harvard President Claudine Gay Acknowledges Mistakes, Calls Critics ‘Demagogues’ in NYT Op-Ed

A day after her resignation as Harvard president, Claudine Gay offered her her clearest admission of wrongdoing to date, writing in an opinion article in the New York Times that she she should have more forcefully denounced Hamas and clearly condemned calls for genocide.

‘The Right Thing to Do’: As Some Lawmakers Celebrate Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Resignation, Others Offer Disappointment

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Massachusetts elected officials, and local Cambridge leaders offered mixed views on former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Tuesday resignation, with reactions ranging from triumph to outrage.

While Some Harvard Students Say Gay’s Resignation Sets ‘Bad Precedent,’ Others Say It Is Long Overdue

Harvard students had mixed reactions to the resignation of former University president Claudine Gay — while some viewed it as necessary to uphold academic integrity, others saw it as a surrender to influential donors and political actors.

As Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns, Spotlight Moves to Harvard Corporation

Former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation on Tuesday put the spotlight on the Harvard Corporation and Senior Fellow Penny S. Pritzker ’81 as calls grew for members of the University’s top board to follow suit.

Who is Alan Garber? Meet Harvard’s New Interim President.

Harvard Provost Alan M. Garber ’76, who has served in his role since 2011, became Harvard’s interim president following Claudine Gay’s resignation on Tuesday.

‘Caving to a Mob,’ ‘Inevitable’: Harvard Faculty Express Disappointment, Relief As Gay Steps Down

Faculty emotions ran high Tuesday following Claudine Gay’s resignation from Harvard’s presidency, with some professors expressing disappointment that Gay’s tenure was coming to an end and others calling her decision inevitable after an onslaught of recent controversies.

The Rise and Fall of Harvard President Claudine Gay

Six months ago, Claudine Gay was celebrated as an obvious choice to serve as Harvard’s 30th president. On Tuesday, she resigned, ending the tenure of Harvard’s first Black president less than 200 days after it began.

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