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Mayor Wu Cancels Harvard Event After Affinity Groups Withdraw Over Emerson Encampment Police Response

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu ’07 canceled an April 30 event at Harvard after at least 11 student organizations withdrew from co-sponsoring an event over her decision to send police to break up a pro-Palestine student encampment at Emerson College.

Day 2 of Harvard Yard Encampment Faces Greater Threat of Disciplinary Action

As the encampment in Harvard Yard entered its second day, College administrators broke their silence on the demonstration, warning protesters that the encampment violated Harvard’s rules against erecting tents or tables in the Yard and threatening disciplinary action.

Massachusetts ACLU Demands Harvard Reinstate PSC in Letter

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts challenged Harvard’s decision to suspend the Palestine Solidarity Committee in a Wednesday letter to Harvard University interim Vice President and General Counsel Eileen Finan.

Harvard Yard Encampment Not Affiliated with PSC, Organizers Say

The organizers behind a pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard insisted that the demonstration was not organized by the Palestine Solidarity Committee, a clarification that protesters made amid heightened concerns about the potential for disciplinary action against the PSC and its individual members.

Harvard College Dean Khurana Defends PSC Suspension, Rejects Accusations of Bias

Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana defended the decision to suspend the Palestine Solidarity Committee and rejected accusations that the action unfairly targeted pro-Palestine student activists in an interview on Tuesday.

Harvard Students Rally in Solidarity with Columbia Demonstrators Following Arrests

More than 200 Harvard affiliates rallied Friday afternoon to denounce Harvard’s ties to the war in Gaza and to show solidarity with students who were arrested at Columbia University during pro-Palestine demonstrations.

Palestine Solidarity Committee Protests HUA Postponement of Divestment Referendum

Harvard affiliates protested the Harvard Undergraduate Association’s indefinite postponement of a student-wide referendum vote on whether the University should divest from “Israel’s occupation of Palestine” during a rally Friday afternoon.

On Eve of Recall Vote, Embattled HUA Co-President Breaks Silence

Hours before students will vote in an referendum to recall embattled Harvard Undergraduate Association Co-President John S. Cooke ’25, Cooke rejected the misconduct allegations against him in his first public statement in two weeks.

Expert Witness Said Northrop Did Not Meet Standard of Care in Wrongful Death Trial Over 2015 Student Suicide

An expert witness said Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Service employee Melanie G. Northrop did not meet the standard of care required of a licensed social work case manager during a wrongful death trial over the 2015 suicide of undergraduate student Luke Z. Tang ’18.

Adirika, Haileselassie Elected Harvard Undergraduate Association Co-Presidents

Ashley C. Adirika ’26 and Jonathan Haileselassie ’26 will serve as the next co-presidents of the Harvard Undergraduate Association, the HUA Election Commission announced in a Sunday afternoon email obtained by The Crimson.

Wrongful Death Trial Against CAMHS Employee Over 2015 Student Suicide To Begin Tuesday

A trial over a wrongful death lawsuit accusing Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Service employee Melanie G. Northrop of negligence in her care of Luke Z. Tang ’18, a undergraduate who died by suicide in 2015, is set to begin Tuesday.

Effort to Recall HUA Co-President John Cooke Set for General Vote After Petition Campaign Succeeds

The effort to oust Harvard Undergraduate Association Co-President John S. Cooke ’25 from office will head to a student-wide recall election after a petition campaign launched Saturday evening garnered enough signatures to trigger a vote.

Students Launch Petition for Vote to Recall HUA Co-President John Cooke

Harvard Undergraduate Association Co-President John S. Cooke ’25 is facing a petition campaign for a vote to remove him from office, just three days after the Fox Club expelled him as a member.

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