University Finances

“Reclaim Harvard Law” Poster

Law School Activists Demand End to Tuition

​In the most recent wave of activism at the Law School, some students are calling on the school to eliminate tuition completely as part of their new campaign for financial justice.

Student Groups

Energy Secretary Praises Science's Role in Iran Deal

The U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest J. Moniz advocated for the role of science in securing the nuclear deal with Iran during a lecture at the Institute of Politics on Thursday.

Dunster Digs

Administrators Use Renovated Dunster to Pitch House Renewal

As administrators polish their remaining Harvard-wide fundraising priorities in a record-breaking $6.5 billion capital campaign, they have turned to Dunster House as a platform and venue for pitching the House renewal project, a priority that still needs fulfilling.

The Desks Of GSD
Graduate School of Design

As University Surpasses Campaign Goal, GSD Still Unfulfilled

Though Harvard has surpassed its $6.5 billion public campaign goal, the Graduate School of Design is still $22 million away from reaching its individual benchmark.

Most Recent Capital Campaigns of Peer Institutions
University Finances

Goal In Hand, Harvard Campaign Polishes Priorities

Its goal reached and some of its largest gifts collected, the “One Harvard” campaign will now finish the more humble task of polishing off priorities and engaging rank and file donors.

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust
Central Administration

In Letter to Congress, Faust Makes Case For Endowment

Responding to congressional inquiry about university endowments, Harvard released an extensive document Friday explaining how its $37.6 billion endowment advances its educational—and tax-exempt—mission.

Facebook at Puzzle Day

Harvard Hits Roadblock in CS50 Trademark Applications

​Harvard’s attempt to trademark the name of CS50, the College’s introductory computer science course, hit a snag in early March when the United States Patent and Trademark Office refused portions of the University’s application.

GSAS Stipend Story Infographic

GSAS Increases Stipend for Ph.D. Students by 3 Percent

At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. student stipends have climbed annually by at least three percent for the past six years.


Former Harvard Employee Pleads Guilty to Larceny, Forgery

A former employee of Harvard pled guilty on Feb. 29 to all charges related to his alleged use of a Harvard-issued employee credit card for $80,000 of personal expenses.

Semitic Museum

Semitic Museum Fundraises to Increase Digitization

The Semitic Museum is focusing its fundraising efforts on incorporating new technology into its exhibits to engage students in hands-on learning as part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ portion of Harvard’s ongoing capital campaign.

Harvard Business School

HBS Campaign Reaches $925 Million of $1 Billion Goal

Harvard Business School has raised $925 million for its capital campaign, nearing its final goal of $1 billion capital campaign, according to Dean Nitin Nohria.

Central Administration

Nearing $6.5 Billion Goal, Faust Reiterates Fundraising Pitch

​Roughly half way through a five year capital campaign that hopes to raise a higher education record of $6.5 billion, University President Drew G. Faust extolled Harvard’s broad societal value to hundreds of alumni and affiliates gathered on campus Tuesday night.

Graduate School of Design

Conflicting Views Emerge on Impetus of GSAS Benefits

Members of the unionization movement see a direct link between their efforts and the new changes coming out of GSAS. However, GSAS Dean for Student Affairs Garth O. McCavana stated that the improvements resulted from a reassessment of the program and from engaging collaboratively with graduate students.

HUCTW Negotiation Timeline
Central Administration

Behind the Scenes of HUCTW's Negotiations

Though this year’s negotiations were long, sometimes riddled with frustrations and other times with rewarding compromises, HUCTW members said this process was decidedly less antagonistic than previous negotiations.

10 Largest University Endowments Graph

Large University Endowments Face Congressional Scrutiny

In response to requests by Congressional leaders to increase the degree of federal oversight for large university endowments, Harvard has indicated it will work with Congress to provide more clarity and information regarding the use of its endowment resources.