Essentials to Bring Back from Thanksgiving Break

By Zennie L. Wey

While Boston may be a short T ride away, the omnipresent Harvard bubble is rarely popped. For those few times throughout the school year when you have the opportunity to go home, you definitely need to make the most of it. So if you’re heading home for Thanksgiving, what should you bring back with you?

Winter Clothes

While many students will only be on campus for a few more weeks after Thanksgiving before leaving again for winter break, there’s no underestimating what damage the Boston winter can do in that short period of time (and in the “spring” semester!). Be sure to swap out that summer wardrobe with more fitting winter attire like scarves, sweaters, parkas, hats, and gloves. Though Remy and the Harvard turkeys are seemingly immune to the cold, you most certainly are not. Layer up!

Gifts for Friends

Don’t let your post-Thanksgiving blues distract you from the fact that it’s finally the holiday season! While you’re home, consider taking the time to prepare something thoughtful for the people that have made this past semester that much better. You likely won’t have the time once your gcal becomes packed with detailed study schedules, so jump on those Black Friday deals to check this off your to-do list now.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sure, HUDS has made efforts to step up its game in terms of menu variety and creativity, but nothing beats home-cooked meals or Thanksgiving leftovers. Be sure to invest in some sturdy tupperware — and maybe a bigger suitcase — to maximize your food packing abilities. If you’re going to be suffering during finals season, you might as well have some of your mom’s homemade dumplings to keep you company.

Your Sanity

Those few days of Thanksgiving break are sure to fly by, and when you come back you’ll be diving headfirst into the reading period. Make sure you really take that time to relax with your loved ones and recharge while you can. If not, Primal Scream is always an option to release that pent-up tension from the semester before you take up permanent residence in Lamont.

Regardless of whether or not you’re going home during Thanksgiving break, treat yourself to some well-deserved down time and an abundance of good food. Just a few more weeks, and then you’ll be on your way home for winter break faster than you can say “pass the stuffing”.

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