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Harvard Crying Spots Bingo

Do you finally need a win? Here’s something for you to cross off and feed your need for validation: Flyby Blog’s official Harvard crying spots bingo. First one to win needs therapy <3.

What Olivia Rodrigo Album Are You? Harvard Edition

Does the number of psets you have due this week leave a sour taste in your mouth? Or maybe you’re ready to spill your guts out as you write this long overdue paper. Regardless, read on to determine which Olivia Rodrigo album you are at this point in the semester.

Dear Class of 2028: Here's What Makes Harvard Unique

Hello, perspective prefrosh! First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on stumbling upon the best piece of public service journalism you will find during your time as a Harvard student. But I’ll cut to the chase; here’s why you should attend this red-brick-road school that some call a “small liberal arts college outside of Boston,” instead of other colleges that are small OR liberal arts OR outside of Boston.

Dear Class of 2028: Don’t Be Fooled by Visitas

While Harvard arranged events with rose-colored glasses, the grass truly did seem to get greener for the weekend…and HUDS was slightly better than usual. Let’s talk about some realities of going here that will reveal themselves to you if you choose to drive into the Yard in August.

In Defense of Section Kids

Yes, section kids, a.k.a. the people who talk wayyyy more than anyone else in a section, can be annoying. But it’s time for me to come out of the closet (for the second and far less serious time): I am a section kid.

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Yay or Nay?

Are you suffering from spring break withdrawal or, better yet, reminiscing about this past weekend’s Crimson St. Patrick’s Day party? Well, look no further than Flyby’s very own review of Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade to bring you right back to a time when you were able to forget about p-set deadlines and GCal invites.

Flyby Investigates: Nowruz

While the celebrations and festivities might be over for some now that we’re back on campus, Persian students on campus, such as myself, still have one last hurrah to look forward to before completely submitting to the demands of our academic schedules – Nowruz! We here at Flyby have compiled our list of traditional items to include in a haft-sin for this very special occasion and hope that we can teach you a thing or two about this holiday. Eid-e Shoma Mobarak!

Flyby Tries: Spirit Airlines

If you’re anything like us, when it came to spring break, the only thing between us and brightening up our Instagrams with the trip of a lifetime was the cost. As your helpful Flyby writers, we found you a solution and tested it for your convenience — budget your flight with Spirit Airlines!

Flyby Tries: Ten One Tea House

A hot new bombshell has entered the villa, with Ten One Tea House replacing Möge Tee in the very same storefront on JFK St. Of course, Flyby had to try it and give the people a review.

The Definitive Ranking of House Gyms: From Hemenway Jr. to Just Passable

An under-discussed upside of living in a House instead of the Yard (eww): having a gym attached to your building. Now that you don’t have to brave the cold to get some reps in, you might actually keep up with your New Year’s resolutions.

House Laundry Room Tier List

Each House comes with unique quirks, and laundry rooms are no exception. Lucky for you, Flyby has rounded up anecdotes on each laundry room so freshmen can get a sneak peak into what they’ll be getting into.

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