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Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler at the Oscars

The 2019 Oscars: A Live Blog

From Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's intimate performance to Melissa McCarthy's hilarious homage to "The Favourite," the Arts staff blogs the Oscars ceremony.

Arts 2018 Year in Review

The Arts 2018 Year-in-Review

The Harvard Crimson ranks the best movies, TV shows, albums, and books of the year, while writing some not-exactly-serious vanities.

Soyoung Lee Portrait
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: Soyoung Lee

At the Harvard Art Museums, Lee will oversee three curatorial divisions: Asian and Mediterranean Art, European and American Art, and Modern and Contemporary Art.

In Retrospect

In Retrospect


Dancing Through Eleganza's Past

Eleganza was not always the dance party it is today. It was founded as part of BlackCAST, and has since expanded past its origins.

Hugh A. Mayo

'A Moving Target'

Safety shares an interesting relationship with art, a discipline which often values the unconventional and groundbreaking. Navigating this balance has been a key consideration at Harvard's VES department.

A.R.T. Workshop

The Foundations and Dreams of the Technical Theater Scene

At Harvard, technical directors are few and far between. They build the sets for the dozens of plays produced on campus, often taking on long hours in the shop. While the work can be time-consuming, there are reasons for staying, and perhaps, changes to come.

Pauline B. Lim '88

The Working Artist

"It was like stepping off the edge of the world, to be an artist,” Pauline B. Lim ’88 said.


Beauty and the Brain: The Emerging Field of Neuroaesthetics

Neuroaesthetics, an innovative but controversial new area of neuroscience research, has the potential to help us understand the ways our brain responds to art. But some remain skeptical of how much science can really tell us about aesthetic experiences. The Crimson surveys the state of the field on campus and beyond.

Widener Library

Building the Future: Creating a 21st-Century Campus on 17th-Century Foundations

From undergraduate House renewal to ambitious plans for the new Allston campus, Harvard is in a period of profound architectural transition. Crimson Arts takes a look at the history of Harvard's built environment and the possibilities for its future growth.

Martinez DJ

The Stories Behind the Sound: DJs at Harvard

The Crimson talks to some of the DJs who set the tone for Harvard's music scene.

Cannes Film Festival 2017

Cannes Film Festival 2017

The Harvard Crimson sends its writer— Ethan B. Reichsman '18 —to the French Riviera to cover the Cannes Film Festival.

Art and Politics

Art & Politics

In this, our second annual themed supplement, The Crimson's Arts Board focuses on the intersections between art and politics. We survey this contested and contentious landscape by talking to artists, critics, writers, politicians, and economists on campus and beyond.

Joel Janowitz's Studio

Looking Local: Boston and Its Contemporary Art

Boston's contemporary art scene is often perceived as a backwater, simply a little sister to New York's. Yet the city has a cultural ecology all its own, one that benefits from a concentration of universities and a strong sense of local community, but that may now be threatened by rising costs of living. The Crimson takes an in-depth look at the area's artistic environment.

Family Studies

Drawing the Lines: Dividing and Reuniting Harvard’s Collections

As curators, students, and professors rethink the ways in which Harvard's collections are divided, new debates, new questions, and new philosophies of display have come to the fore at the University's museums of art, science, and culture.