Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Most Likely to Be President: Charles Hua

Charles X. Hua has been nominated by his peers as the Harvard senior most likely to become President of the United States. As Hua tells me about his train trip across the country, I begin to understand why.

Most Mysterious: Neo Guerrero

While some of Neo Guerrero’s peers know him as a musical jack-of-all-trades, others know him as their teaching fellow. And Eliot House residents might see him in an entirely different light — as someone carting suitcases full of laundry across the dining hall.

15 Superlative Seniors

After trying out many iterations of senior features in the past — Most Interesting, Randomly Generated, and even (regrettably) Hottest — FM is returning to a classic this year: senior superlatives. We asked the Class of 2023 to nominate 15 of their peers for our superlative categories, including Best Dressed, Class Clown, and Most Likely to be President. While each of these seniors has a unique speciality (well, except Most Well-Rounded), all of them were passionate, pretty darn humble, and a pleasure to get to know.

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