Bacow Says He Has Never Reversed a Tenure Decision in Response to García Peña Backlash

Amid controversy over the tenure denial of associate professor Lorgia García Peña, University President Lawrence S. Bacow said he has never reversed a tenure decision during his time at Harvard, nor did he as president of Tufts.

Khurana Says College Preparing For Strike Spilling Into Second Semester

Dean Khurana said Tuesday that his office is focused on “minimizing the disruptions” for College students in the event that the graduate student union’s strike continues through the beginning of next semester.

Harvard Departments Check Grad Student Strike Status, Prompting Union Backlash

Several academic departments across the University emailed graduate student teaching staff asking whether they are participating in the graduate student union’s strike this week, prompting anger among union members.

Harvard Ethnic Studies Coalition and Grad Student Union Rally Together in Protest of Prof’s Tenure Denial

Hundreds of Harvard affiliates crowded on the steps of Widener Library Thursday to protest the decision to deny Romance Languages and Literatures associate professor Lorgia García Peña tenure and demand an ethnic studies program.

Financial Aid, Graduate Fellowships Top Fundraising Priorities, Harvard VP Says

Harvard has focused its fundraising on student financial aid, securing graduate fellowships, and continuing development in Allston, University Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development Brian K. Lee said in an interview Wednesday.

GSAS Student Council Discuss Mental Health Issues, GSAS Athletic Opportunities

Nearly a quarter of surveyed doctoral students across the University are at risk for moderate to severe depression and anxiety, two Harvard College Institutional Research representatives reported at the Graduate Student Council’s meeting Wednesday.

Lehman Hall

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences launched an advising initiative last week and has invited students to share their experiences with advising.

More Than Half of Grad Student Survey Respondents Report Discrimination

More than half of respondents to a graduate student survey on discrimination and harassment reported they have experienced discrimination at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, GSAS Student Council members said Wednesday.

Cambridge City Council Reiterates Support for Harvard Grad Union Contact

The Cambridge City Council unanimously voted — for the second time — to support Harvard’s graduate student union in its efforts to reach an agreement with Harvard, this time making its demands more urgent.

Facing Appointment Caps and Fees, Some Graduate Students Call for an Insurance Plan Overhaul

Under Harvard’s Student Health Insurance Plan — which covers more than 10,000 graduate students, 2,600 undergraduates, and 600 dependents — specialist consultations are capped at a level some students say forces them to make hard choices about their physical and mental healthcare.

Union, Harvard Reach New Agreements as Strike Authorization Vote Continues

Harvard and its graduate student union tentatively agreed on two new contract provisions Thursday in the first bargaining session since union members began voting on whether to authorize a strike over a lack of progress in negotiations.

Harvard Grad Students to Begin Voting on Strike Authorization

Graduate students across the University will begin voting Tuesday whether to authorize a student worker strike, marking an escalation in the negotiation process that began exactly one year ago.

Harvard Advises Faculty to Prepare after Union Moves to Vote for Strike Authorization

Associate Provost Doreen Koretz and University Director of Labor and Employee Relations Paul R. Curran wrote in an email to faculty Tuesday that it is “critical” that faculty begin to plan for how they would teach in the event of a strike.

As Grad Union Vows to Authorize Strike, Organizers Rally for Support

The vote — which is expected to begin Oct. 15 on Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Automobile Workers’ one year anniversary of bargaining with the University — will require two thirds of voting members’ support in order to allow the negotiating committee to call for a strike if it deems necessary.

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