Former Australian Prime Minister Rudd Talks U.S.-China Relations at IOP

Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd discussed the current state of U.S.-China relations and the possibility of future conflict at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Thursday night.

Kennedy School Hosts Discussion on Partisan Reconciliation

University Professor Danielle S. Allen and Adam D. Serwer, a staff writer for The Atlantic, discussed the future of a politically divided American society at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Tuesday night.

Students Awarded for ‘Civic Tech’ Pitches at IOP

Harvard students and technology leaders discussed ways to integrate technology into politics at the inaugural Civic Tech Challenge at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Monday evening.

Digital Currency Wars: A National Security Crisis Simulation

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter describes strategic security considerations that must be taken into account in a crisis during a national security simulation at the IOP Tuesday evening.

Former Government Officials and Experts Engage in National Security Council Simulation at JFK Jr. Forum

Former United States government officials and policy experts, including former Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, participated in a live simulation of a White House National Security Council meeting at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Tuesday.

IOP Poll

The Harvard Public Opinion Project, which conducts an annual poll, is one of the programs at the Institute of Politics.

IOP Poll Finds Majority of Surveyed Young Voters Favor Trump Impeachment

Fifty-two percent of surveyed voters between the ages of 18 to 29 and 58 percent of general election voters under 30 support the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, according to an Institute of Politics poll released Monday.

Lech Walesa Discusses Post-Communist World Order at JFK Jr. Forum

Lech Walesa, former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, discussed European politics since the fall of the Berlin Wall at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Monday night.

Anand Giridharadas Condemns 'Elite Generosity' in Institute of Politics Talk

Anand Giridharadas, author of the book 'Winners Take All,' criticized the notion that elite philanthropists can bring about reform in a talk at the Harvard Institute of Politics Tuesday.

Westover at the IOP

Westover's memoir, which chronicles her life growing up without a formal education and going on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University, was a New York Times bestseller.

Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann Recounts Experiences, Stresses Work Ahead

Disability rights activist Judith E. Heumann called for private and public institutions to include the perspectives of disabled individuals in discussions about diversity and equality at the Harvard Kennedy School Tuesday.

Peace Corps and AmeriCorps JFK Forum

Mark D. Gearan (left), Jody Olsen (center), and Barbara Stewart (right) discuss the importance of young people having the opportunity to pursue public service at the Institute of Politics.

Jody Olsen and Barbara Stewart Discuss Public Service at the IOP

Moderated by Mark D. Gearan ’78, a former director of the Peace Corps and the current director of the Institute of Politics, Stewart and Olsen each spoke about how they began their journey in service.

Frank Bruni Speaks at IOP

Frank Bruni from the New York Times spoke at the IOP on Wednesday evening alongside University of Chicago's IOP Director David Axelrod, The Cook Political Report National Editor Amy Walter and Professor Maya Sen about the 2020 presidential Election.

David Axelrod and Political Analysts Offer Perspectives on the 2020 Presidential Election

The discussion featured political experts Frank Bruni, Amy Walter, and David Axelrod – a New York Times op-ed columnist, National Editor of The Cook Political, and former senior advisor to President Obama (2009-2011), respectively. It was moderated by Maya Sen ’00, a professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School.

Gita Gopinath

Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist for the International Monetary Fund, discusses future obstacles regarding trade in the global economy at the John F. Kennedy Forum at the Institute of Politics Tuesday night.

IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath Discusses U.S.-China Trade Tensions at JFK Jr. Forum

International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Gita Gopinath returned to Harvard to discuss emerging markets, trade disputes, and other global economic issues at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Tuesday evening.

IOP Panelists Discuss Equal Rights Amendment and Women’s Suffrage at JFK Jr. Forum

A panel of activists and legal experts pushed for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and stressed the importance of political activism at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Monday night.

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