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Miami Bryce

Freshman Bryce Aiken helped lead the Harvard men's basketball team to an 18-10 campaign. The point guard took home Ivy League Rookie of the Year honors.

We Ain't Come Here to Play School: Parting Shot

"I knew this wasn’t a sports school—a wild notion when you consider about 20 percent of the student body competes in intercollegiate athletics. But college is what you make of it. I wanted to be at a sports school, so I made Harvard one."

Still Kicking: Team of the Year, Runner-Up

Led by coach Ted Minnis and fifth-year star Noah Harrison, Harvard men's water polo made its first-ever trip to the Final Four.

For the Love of the Game: Parting Shot

"When I stepped into The Crimson as a freshman, I was set on becoming a men’s basketball writer...Plans, of course, are subject to change."

Finding the Eye of the Storm: Parting Shot

"If there’s one group on campus where I always felt that I belonged, it was Sports. That group represents a space that catalyzed my growth as a person."

Sly Fox: Male Rookie of the Year, Runner-Up

The Jericho, N.Y., native finished the season atop all defensemen in points and assists, with 40 and 34, respectively. Fox also set the scoring pace with the man-advantage, tallying 22 assists and 24 points overall on the power play.

Living Through Sports: Parting Shot

"Though I was never cut out to be a Division I athlete, The Crimson sports board gave me access to telling these stories of the game that evolve into the lessons of life."

Confessions of a Female Sports Journalist: Parting Shot

"When the scouting report by the men’s soccer team came out earlier this year, it was a blow not only to the members of the women’s soccer team; I think all women at Harvard connected to the world of sports were impacted by it."

In Hope of Duck Boats: Parting Shot

"My first strong sports memory came in the fourth grade when the Red Sox reversed the Curse of the Bambino to win Boston’s first World Series in 86 years."

Another One for Women's Squash: Team of the Year, Runner-Up

This blessing of talent allows Coach Mike Way to focus on pragmatic training that will help the team win as a cohesive unit, rather than practicing fundamentals. The team and its coaching staff has pushed aside conventional thinking regarding training, with an emphasis on working smarter, not harder.

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