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A Changing Clubhouse, a Changing Faculty

Over time, it has opened its doors to new segments of Harvard’s community, and the nature of the faculty has changed. Once the professors’ clubhouse, the Faculty Club is no longer just the faculty’s club.

Faculty Debate Impact of edX

Six months after the launch of edX, Harvard faculty continue to express a spectrum of opinions on whether HarvardX—the subset of edX courses offered by Harvard—will enhance or detract from on-campus instruction.

Faculty Pass New College-Wide Alcohol Policy

At a meeting on Thursday, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted to officially adopt a new set of College-wide alcohol policies, which seek to diminish underage and high-risk drinking.

Hutchins Family Foundation Donates $30 Million

The Hutchins Family Foundation, endowed by Glenn H. Hutchins ’77, has donated $30 million to Harvard to support House renewal and academic initiatives in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

FAS Balances 2012 Budget

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences ended fiscal year 2012 with a balanced budget for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, successfully meeting the timeline set by FAS Dean Michael D. Smith three years ago.

University of Texas Joins Harvard-Founded edX

The University of Texas­ announced its participation in the Harvard- and MIT-founded online education venture edX at a press conference Monday morning.

Faculty Report Announces Contraction

The total number of ladder faculty in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences dropped from 722 to 712 between 2011 and 2012, a 1.4 percent contraction in the size of the faculty, according to the 2012 FAS Annual Report released last Thursday.

Dean Shinagel Steps Down

Dean of the Division of Continuing Education Michael Shinagel will be stepping down after almost 40 years of leadership, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith announced in an email to faculty members this afternoon.