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Summer Opportunities Fair
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Freshman Summer: It’s Not That Deep

Harvard's summer internship culture is high-pressure. We're here to tell you: Freshman summer is not that deep.

Burst the Bubble Banner

Burst the Bubble: Nov. 9 - Nov. 11

Spice up your weekend with a cooking class, a dance class, a scary movie.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and Piglet Too
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Burst the Bubble: Nov. 2 - Nov. 4

Light festivals! "Christopher Robin" at the MFA! Boston has lots to offer this weekend.

Arnold Arboretum 2

Burst the Bubble: Oct. 19 - Oct. 21

Fall Foliage, a Free Ferry, Sloths, Macbeth.

Charles River Esplanade views
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Burst the Bubble: Oct. 12 - Oct. 14

Light-up sound sculptures, book festivals, and food. It's a good weekend to live by Boston, so why not enjoy it?

Chocolate Tasting

Burst the Bubble: Oct. 5 - Oct. 8

We've got events for chocolate lovers, art lovers, and long weekend lovers.


Burst the Bubble: Sept. 28 - Sept. 30

Between an oyster festival, fall cruise, and womxn's market, there's an event for everyone this weekend!

College Night at the Museum of Science

Burst the Bubble: Sept. 21 - Sept. 23

We hate to burst your bubble, but the Harvard Bubble is not the entire world.

Harvard Art Museums
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PSA: Late Night at the Harvard Art Museums

Never been to the art museums here? Now is your chance—free food, a live DJ, and culture await.

Year in Review - Diversity: Laundry Room
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First Year Guide to Laundry

Whether you're a helpless first year or lazy senior, you might have never done your own laundry before.

Macaroons from Darwin's
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The Visitas Events to Crash

We've rounded up the best free food and fun opportunities Visitas weekend has to offer (technically for prefrosh, but hey, current Harvard students need this too).

Free Shirts for Hosts
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The Types of Hosts You'll Meet at Visitas

For every all-star host, there's a handful of neglectors and overbookers...

Yardfest Logistics
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The TL;DR Version of the CEB Yardfest Email

Read for the when and where of pregames, dinner, and the concert itself.

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A Gathering of Snakes: Overheard at the Ec Midterm

Ec students: They're snakey, they're ambitious, and they took a 10b midterm this week. We stopped by to see what, exactly, goes on during the most stressful time of one of Harvard's biggest classes.

Currier Exterior
House Life

Currier House

Currier, where huge singles abound and you can finally live out your futuristic transportation dreams at a Segway study break.