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Expressions’ ‘EXpelled’ Balances Warmth and Intimidation

Between worrying about exams, catching feelings for someone, or dealing with mental health issues, the piece tackled it all.

Barker Center
On Campus

'Bad Romance' Explores Love, Sex, and Consent Through Academic Perspectives

Students and professors alike will soon crowd the Barker Center for a conference that explores academic perspectives on the #MeToo movement.

Dragon Lady Photo

‘Dragon Lady’ Explores What It Means to Become a Mother Before Becoming a Woman

The comical moments support a darker commentary on the difficulty of Maria Sr.’s trajectory and the inevitable misunderstanding by younger generations.

Andrea Flores

Portrait of an Artist: Andrea R. Flores ’10

Andrea Flores spoke to The Harvard Crimson about working in the White House, life at Harvard, and how female students can lay the foundations for later activism and governments after college.

Queer Eye Season 3 image

‘Queer Eye’ Returns as Powerful and Entertaining as Before

The new season proves that regardless of what causes each person’s struggles, these five men know how to dig deep and ask the right questions, all while entertaining a larger audience.


Neither Ghostly nor Gripping: ‘Guestbook: Ghost Stories’

The experience of reading "Guestbook: Ghost Stories" is much akin to panning for gold: searching, desperately, for a small glimmer amid the dirt and silt.

'Run Away' cover

'Run Away,' Please

Haphazardly throwing together cults, drugs, and genetic testing does not make a thriller.


Yearning for a Revolution in ‘Infinite Football’

Porumboiu brings a unique insight to the documentary in drawing visual parallels between Ginghina’s ambitions and the future of Romanian modernization.

‘The Breaker Upperers’ still

‘Little raisiny eggs’: Celebrating Womanhood in ‘The Breaker-Upperers’

The film’s big selling point is its particular brand of humor: The self-deprecation is all part of the fun.

Walk Out for Christine Ford and Deborah Ramirez
Student Groups

Hundreds of Harvard Law Students Walk Out of Class to Support Kavanaugh Accusers

Many law school students pinned small pink buttons declaring “I Believe Christine Blasey Ford” to their chests.

Adams Drag Night

Adams House Committee Discusses Future of Drag Night

The annual event has its roots in a gesture of solidarity with a gay member of Adams House who was harassed by another student at the College.

Callbacks SnoweDin

Musical Groups Say Search for Talent Drives Decision to Go Co-Ed — Or Not

Some musical groups say that the makeup of their membership — and possible shifts toward co-ed status — are driven by auditionees’ abilities, not their gender.

Annabel O'Hagan
Hasty Pudding Theatricals

Students Praise Pudding’s Mixed-Gender Cast as 'Move in the Right Direction'

After Hasty Pudding Theatricals cast women for its show for the first time in its nearly 200-year history, some students said they were excited by the change.

Hasty Pudding 171

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Casts Six Women, Ending Nearly 200 Years of All-Male Performances

Hasty Pudding Theatricals has cast six women to perform in its 2019 show, completing a co-ed shift the group vowed last semester and ending an almost two-century period during which only men could act in Pudding productions.


Penalties Now Apply: The Class of 2021 Navigates the Sanctions

The first class of students affected by this policy has reacted to the sanctions in a variety of ways.