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Tajrean Rahman

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The Ancestor You Will Be

In the age of today, we have a choice in how we will join the ranks of tomorrow — as members of an imperfect world, where people are denied rights in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you and I are tasked with the responsibility to protest.

Healthcare for Some

I will assert that Harvard could do better and start by adding dental coverage for all students in their health care package. Beyond the University though, that’s a decision we have yet to see play out — just be sure to stay healthy while you wait.

To Be Pro-Gun, is to Be Pro-Violence

I won’t lie and say I’ll remember all these names and cases, it’s not quite possible in a news world drenched with violence. But I thought of these numerous, faceless victims everytime I see a pro-gun stand on campus.

The World is Not Kind, But Your Daughters Are Not Weak

Your daughters may get hurt, we may feel pain and be struck with grief, exposed to all the terrible things you’ve always wanted to shield us from — but we will hold close to these moments of vulnerability and rise with them.

The Circles We Keep

My theory of the modern Harvard student, however, is that we’ve held onto our continuing legacy of wanting to be different and distinct, “superior” from the rest.

What My Parents Taught Me

First-generation students are celebrated for doing the unthinkable and pioneering a new legacy of change. But I reject this distinction.