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chill vibes for reading period
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Virtual Reading Period: Ideas for On and Off Campus

It's (finally) the last day of classes, and you've got a solid week of Reading Period ahead before finals actually kick in. How do you spend these few precious days? Our writer has some top ideas to fill the void, whether you're on campus or off!

GTV overwhelmed
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How to: Not Feel Completely Overwhelmed During Virtual Visitas

Welcome, Class of 2025, to the magical land of Harvard! Your first stop is Visitas, the university’s admitted students weekend and your first official taste of college life. Before you begin your journey, here are Flyby's ins and outs on how to stay calm and not be totally overwhelmed by these chaotic few days.

GTV friends
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How To: Make Friends (And Foes) During Virtual Visitas

During Visitas, you’ll hear from several important grown-ups about the ~transformative experience~ that awaits, but you’ll also have the chance to interact with classmates for the first time! Read on for a few helpful tips on how to make friends (or perhaps foes) during Virtual Visitas.

the notorious British-American rapper, MF ZOOM
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Zoom Social Ideas to Add to Your Next Virtual Gathering

At this point, have you played more games of and Among Us than you can count? Is singing karaoke with the least musically-inclined people in the world over an unstable internet connection destroying your eardrums? If so, here are a few recommendations for your next (and unfortunately, not the last) virtual social!

if this gif doesn't function im gonna LOSE MY MARBLES
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Welcome Home, From Your HoCo Chairs

Welcome, freshmen, to upperclassmen housing (and also to the sophomores who never got a chance to really experience their House — we love you, too). As you make the transition into House life, we’ve got the hot tips and helpful advice to really immerse yourself, from none other than your House Committee (HoCo) Chairs who also happen to write for Flyby. #it’s #a #crossover #episode!

Wellness Day Dog

Flyby’s Wellness Day Playlist

So Wellness Days aren't *quite* what we've all hoped for, but we've got all the hot tunes to at least make things slightly more enjoyable!

Flyby Appreciates//Maranda
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Flyby Appreciates//Maranda

Flyby Appreciates: Stray Cats

big ol workout grind
On Campus

How to: Stay Active Without the MAC

With the endless hours of sitting in front of your laptop on Zoom, maintaining an active life can be challenging. Here are a few tips from Flyby to working out without the MAC as we spend a few more months indoors.

Patrick To-Do List
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The Ultimate Virtual Semester Bucket List

A new semester is officially here, and along with it comes our desperate attempts to make another semester of Zoom classes actually exciting. This time around, why not try a classic competition amongst friends? And who knows — your grade may even benefit from it too!

Gilmore Girls Harvard
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Harvard Movies and TV to Binge Before Classes Start

There's only a few more days of winter break left before classes start, so enjoy some perfect movie and TV show recommendations for every (Harvard-related) mood. From Gilmore Girls to The Social Network, hear characters drop the H-bomb and see the fake campuses that producers came up with to make you feel a little closer to everyone's favorite small liberal arts school outside of Boston.

winter treats gif
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Winter Treats To Get Excited For

This reading period, you may have fewer (as in, zero) formals and gatherings to attend, so what should you do with the extra few hours? Make your life a little sweeter by eating delicious goodies. Rather than simply scrolling through Pinterest and saving photos of aesthetic holiday desserts, go out and actually enjoy a few treats from this list. This semester may not have been a piece of cake, but you certainly deserve one for making it to the end.

How To: Save Our Eyes Pic
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How To: Save Our Eyes Pic

In the age of Zoom, it is common to have your total screen time values skyrocket. I mean, sure, your phone told you that your usage went down 29 percent, but little does it know that you also had a Zoom study session all evening, and we can’t forget your endless class lectures. Here are a few ways to save your vision.

Roving Reporter: Halloween at Harvard Edition
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2020 Halloweekend Alternatives

Sure, normal on-campus festivities aren’t an option, and 2020 has been pretty spooky overall, but you should still consider celebrating Halloween this year for the sake of tradition. Besides using a cobweb-filled Zoom background and being terrified of your looming pset due date, there are still ways to celebrate the holiday, even if you can’t be with your friends.

Harvard bucket list
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Dear Freshmen: Bucket List from Upperclassmen Who Can’t Be On Campus

Zoom has replaced classrooms and social gatherings, but freshmen can still have many safe and memorable moments in Cambridge. Here are a few tips from Flyby to make the most out of your fall semester!

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How to: Virtually Volunteer

One of the greatest joys of being a college student is having a plethora of volunteer opportunities available year-round. Even if COVID-19 may prevent us from lending a hand in person, there are still countless ways to give back virtually.