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Tessa K.J. Haining

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Lepidoptery, Literature, and Liberal Arts

I am suggesting that, when distaste rises at the thought of a writing assignment or a quantitative distribution requirement threatens to puncture a paper-lined bubble, we approach it instead with the same curiosity we do our own concentrations.

Differences, Demonization, and DNA

We as Americans and as humans are fundamentally more alike than we are unalike, and we need to establish that as a baseline in politics going forward.

'Seagull,' Symbols, and Social Media

Sure, hearts, texts, and seagulls are just symbols – unable to replicate the real thing. But we can’t let that disappointment cloud us from remembering that they’re the media through which we let others know how much we care about them.

Pandemic, Purpose, and Viral Peptides

The coronavirus teaches us that life, whether it be on campus or at home or inside a cell membrane, isn’t inherently good or inherently bad or inherently out to get you. It just is, and there’s something freeing in that.

Frost, Fall, and Photons

Though we find ourselves scattered among the grasses and a deep sense of loss, we can try to afford our coming semesters the same bittersweet regard we do the fall foliage.