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The Mandalorian Season Two Preview Still

‘The Mandalorian’ Season Two Preview: The Dangers of Fan Service

Overdoing fan service has not served “Star Wars” well in the past, and giving into it now would deal “The Mandalorian” (and the franchise as a whole) a crippling blow.

Utopia Still

‘Utopia’ Premiere Isn’t Quite Perfect

The opening credits for this first episode are jarringly reminiscent of the news: a montage of environmental disasters, police holding back protesters, and viruses in petri dishes.

'Enola Holmes' Still

‘Enola Holmes’ Delightfully Reorients the World of Sherlock Holmes

The game is afoot!

'Dune' Trailer Still

Trailer Breakdown: 'Dune'

No one has been able to create a “Dune” adaptation that sticks. For Denis Villeneuve, the third time may be the charm.