Leah J. Teichholtz

Crimson staff writer

Leah J. Teichholtz

Leah J. Teichholtz is the Associate Managing Editor of The Crimson’s 150th Guard. She can be reached at leah.teichholtz@thecrimson.com. Follow her on X @LeahTeichholtz.

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In Age of Advanced AI, Harvard College Dean Khurana Calls on Students to Avoid ‘Shortcuts’

With the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence bots potentially enabling academic integrity violations, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana called on undergraduates to hold onto the value of learning in an interview last month.

‘Middleman’ in Harvard Fencing Coach Bribery Scandal Details Alleged Payment Schemes at Day 2 of Trial

A key government witness in the federal bribery trial of former Harvard fencing coach Peter Brand laid out new details on Tuesday about how he helped a wealthy Maryland businessman funnel money via nonprofits to the coach in exchange for recruiting spots for his sons.

Jie “Jack” Zhao

Jie “Jack” Zhao, left, leaves the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse alongside his attorney, Michael Packard '02.

Alexandre Ryjik

Alexandre Ryjik, left, coached Jie “Jack” Zhao's sons at a Virginia-based fencing academy he founded. Ryjik admitted during the first day of trial to being the “middleman” in an alleged bribery scheme between Brand and Zhao.