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Schlesinger Library
Harvard Law School

Grandson of Famous Korean Activist Withdraws Archival Donation Plans in Protest of Professor’s ‘Comfort Women’ Paper

The grandson of a Korean independence activist withdrew his offer to donate family historical archives to Harvard’s Schlesinger Library in anger over the University’s failure to respond to a professor’s controversial paper on the issue of “comfort women.”

APALSA Comfort Women Event
Harvard Law School

Surviving ‘Comfort Woman’, Activists Speak at Law School Panel Aimed at ‘Debunking Denialism’

Lee Yong-soo, a surviving “comfort woman” and activist, and other advocates for comfort women spoke at a virtual roundtable hosted by Harvard Law students Tuesday evening.

Med Student Learning

Reparations for Slavery Could Have Mitigated U.S. Covid Infections, HMS Study Finds

Reparations for descendants of enslaved individuals in the U.S. could have reduced Covid-19 transmission among Black Americans, according to a peer-reviewed study published online last Tuesday by Harvard Medical School researchers.

Harvard Medical School Quadrangle

Experts Across Disciplines Tackle Racism within Health Care During Virtual Panel

The conversation — moderated by Michelle Morse, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School — was part of the Health Policy and Bioethics Consortia, a monthly series organized by the Medical School and the Law School that brings together experts from separate disciplines to discuss issues relating to biomedical innovation and healthcare delivery.

Comfort Women Wednesday Protest in Seoul

Journal Delays Print Publication of Harvard Law Professor’s Controversial ‘Comfort Women’ Article Amid Outcry

The International Review of Law and Economics told The Crimson Friday it will temporarily delay print publication of Harvard Law professor J. Mark Ramseyer’s controversial paper, which claims sex slaves in Imperial Japan, known as “comfort women,” were voluntarily employed.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Harvard Dental School Provides Free Dental Services for Children Amid Pandemic

More than 60 student and faculty volunteers provided free dental services to children at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s annual “Give Kids a Smile” event on Saturday.

Statue of Peace Honoring Comfort Women in Seoul

Harvard Professor’s Paper Claiming ‘Comfort Women’ in Imperial Japan Were Voluntarily Employed Stokes International Controversy

A paper by Harvard Law School Japanese legal studies professor J. Mark Ramseyer that claims sex slaves taken by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II were actually recruited, contracted sex workers generated international controversy, academic criticism, and student petitions at Harvard this week.

Harvard Medical School

Johnson & Johnson Files for Emergency Use Authorization of Covid-19 Vaccine Developed With Beth Israel

Johnson & Johnson filed for emergency use authorization Thursday for its newly-created Covid-19 vaccine — developed with researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School — after announcing results from its phase three clinical trials last Friday.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Researchers Find Mothers Rarely Pass on the COVID-19 Virus or Antibodies to Newborns

Pregnant women infected with SARS-CoV-2 during their third trimester are unlikely to pass on the virus or protective antibodies to their newborn, according to two studies by Harvard Medical School researchers published last month.

Inside SEAS Allston SEC
Student Life

Finding Ways to Move Forward: How STEM Seniors Adapted to Virtual Theses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shift to remote learning, many seniors studying in the STEM fields have had to redesign their thesis projects.

HMS Holmes Society

HMS Researchers Co-Design COVID-19 Telehealth Rehabilitation Program

Researchers and clinicians from Harvard Medical School designed new telehealth rehabilitation plans for COVID-19 patients discharged from hospitalization in a recently published study.

Gund Hall Polling Place

Harvard Experts Explore Implications of 2020 Election for U.S. Health Policy in Report

Two Harvard researchers explored the implications of the 2020 election on U.S. healthcare policy in a study published last week.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Harvard Scientists Reconsider the Possibility of Life on Venus

Researchers at Harvard, the Paris Observatory, and MIT, among other institutions, have found that Venus’s atmosphere may not contain phosphine gas, a possible indicator of life, contradicting the results of a study published last month.

Harvard School of Public Health
School of Public Health

Nearly a Quarter of Rural Americans Unable to Receive Medical Care During Pandemic, School of Public Health Poll Finds

Published earlier this month, the poll provides a glimpse into rural Americans’ personal lives and wellbeing during the pandemic. Of the households who reported that they lacked access to care, 56 percent reported detrimental health consequences as a result, according to the poll.

Harvard Kennedy School

UT Austin Professor Talks Fact-Checking Misinformation on Social Media in Shorenstein Center Speaker Series

University of Texas at Austin communications professor Natalie J. Stroud discussed her research on correcting misperceptions of news spread through social media on Wednesday.