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‘Flux’ Review: Dopamine and Dramamine

One of the strongest elements of “Flux” is its refusal to conform to literary norms. At no point in reading this novel is it possible to categorize it in a single genre. Although the book’s amorphism can be confusing at times, the novel would not function without it.

René Burri’s ‘Brasília’ and the Emotional Conflict of Purpose-Built Cities

Fortunately, armed with a camera and profound ability to discern the sentiments of his time, the iconic Swiss photographer René Burri created pictures of the time which are both subtle artistic masterclasses and emotional time capsules.

McCurry, Meiselas, and the Mystery of Imagination in Documentary Photography

Several years ago, my parents gifted me a copy of National Geographic’s “Asia and Oceania: Around the World in 125 years.” My history-loving, faraway imagination was seduced by the book, transporting me to the mountains of Kashmir, ports of Victoria Harbor, and jungles of Bagan to live a multitude of lives I had never before conceived of.

bazzi house of blues image 5

Bazzi basks in the rapidly changing colored stage lights.