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Vanessa B. Hu

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Let’s Dance Together! Bridging Cultural Siloes on Campus

Communities have the right to forge their own spaces, so perhaps, proactive solidarity is just as important as inclusion: to have all our voices heard, the way we want them to be. Anyway, I’ll be performing at Cultural Rhythms this Saturday with Candela (I’m nervous!). If you’re there, I’d love to bond with you over our familiarities or unfamiliarities with the merengue, K-pop dance, or the famous guest they have yet to reveal.

Work It Like Gen Z

There’s something incendiary about taking the path of lesser resistance. About sitting with the people we care about and protecting our moments of rest and play, as we tend to the gardens in strivings for a better tomorrow.

We’re (Not) Body-Inclusive

To put it simply, I support body autonomy. Each of us should have the prerogative to lead life how we want to — whether you want to pursue fat loss or never hit 3k steps on your Apple Watch. I just want us to probe how much we actually support overall well-being, and not just certain body ideals.

Is This an Asian Story?

We need visibility of Asian stories that encompass: in theme, genre, and the term Asian itself. True progress requires traditional decision makers to prioritize the reach of diverse creators to wider audiences.