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To the English: An Apology

Through a series of cultural misfortunes arising over the past few weeks, I have developed a deep shame at being

Some Achieve Greatness

In my own work as a critic, I have often been attacked for maintaining too high a standard, demanding far

In the Spotlight: Upcoming Events in the Theater

When we think of Eugene O’Neill, we tend to think of his cheerful, laugh-a-minute celebrations of life like The Iceman

Something Blue: Blue Man Group Tubes

Blue Man Group Tubes is a symphony of color and light and movement and sound that fills the unassuming space

William Shakespeare's Other Comedy

Shrew in the Adams House Kronauer Space is not so much a presentation of Shakespeare's comedy The Taming of the

Water, Water Everywhere

The Memory of Water, Shelagh Stevenson's new-ish play about three sisters coping with their mother's death after a prolonged bout

The Kindness of Strangers, Southern Style

A sort of sultry lethargy settles over the Loeb Experimental Theater as Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire drawls its

Sketched-Out: Kellerman and Co. in the Pool

3M1W, a compilation of five short plays by Jesse Kellerman '01, is a surprising and delightful comic bombardment of some

Comedy of Errors: Twelfth Night

One of the oft-cited wonders of Shakespeare's plays is their remarkable ability to transcend time and location, granting directors the

Clocking Time

If It's a Wonderful Life were set in New Haven, Conn. and New Haven, Conn., existed on the ninth level

Woolf: Welcome to My Parlor

Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, a descent into the dark, twisted world of George and Martha (Robert Fuller

Of Love and Chickens

For one glorious weekend in April, Fifteen Minutes becomes the second tackiest "FM" on campus. A crack team of writers,

Memories of Brooklyn

Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs, directed by Marcie Ulin '02 in the Loeb Ex this past weekend, tells the story

Dying Gaul: Drama You Can Download

What do Buddha, Goethe and 2200 year-old Hellenistic art have in common? Apart from their (obvious) connection to Kevin Bacon

The Boys are Back

The Boys from Syracuse sings and dances its way into the Agassiz Theater this weekend. Directed by Rachel Eisenhaure '02,