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A Christmas Chimera

S ING HOSANNAS on high, Christmas is here, Get in the mood of holiday cheer. But before the wassails, listen

Newspeak in Movementland

O NE OF THE BEST parts of 1984 comes when Winston Smith talks about his country's history, how Big Brother

Rescuing Romance

W >HEN NORTHROP FRYE came to Harvard last year to give the Charles Eliot Norton lecture on poetry, he was

Swine Before Pearls

J AMES JOYCE ONCE wrote a friend that Finnegan's Wake would keep the scholars guessing until doomsday. Doomsday might be

Bad Trip

T HERE'S AN OLD TRICK in English literature; I don't know if it has a name, but generally it's an


WEDNESDAY Welfare. When Frederick Wisemen released his documentary called Primate last year it caused a lot of controversy in the

Searching for the Queen of Hearts

W OMEN SINGERS have only recently come into their own and Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Grace Slick, and Joni Mitchell

The Myth of Northrop Frye

Northrop Frye tells a good story about how he came to teach the Bible. When he was still a junior

An Elegant Abstraction

A CCORDING TO the the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest sentence in the world does not belong to

A Sentimental Celebration

A FTER A SUMPTUOUS repast not long ago, some writers sitting around a table in the corner of a large

A Clockwork Lemon

A NTHONY BURGESS would be pleased to find out that his latest book can be compared to the work of

All of the People, Always

R UMOR HASIT that Richard Nixon wants to get back into politics as a special adviser to the Republican Party,

The Box-Man Numbeth

W HEN A NEW Japanese product comes onto the American market, its skillful design, its inexpensiveness, and its dubious durability

Christmas Shopping

O NE OF THE MORE interesting aspects of the holiday season is the way magazines get fat all of a

Connive To Survive, Stay Alive Til Five

J OSEPH HELLER has been on an odyssey for the last 13 years. Since Catch-22 was published in 1961 he