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From Russia with Love: Tetris at Harvard

David C. Rennard ’03, whose personal best Tetris score is 570,000, finds the video game so fascinating that he started

In The Meantime

Return of the Fashion Dialogue

Ioannis-Dimitrio (Yanni) Poulakos ’03 The Outfit Tina: I think it’s very well-chosen. The colors match, even though the green of

For The Moment

You Are What You Eat

“Are there refreshments?” asked Caleb I. Franklin ’05, who, like many other first-years, was in search of food as well

Experts Debate Merits Of Affirmative Action

University of California Regent Ward Connerly and Harvard Law School Professor Christopher Edley squared off in a heated debate about

Alexander: Raise Voter Turnout

Tenn. Gov. and former GOP presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander addressed Republicans from the College and the Law School yesterday in

Religion and Politics

Panel Finds Few Answers in Discussion of Islam

A forum at the Institute of Politics last night discussed the broad spectrum of Islam and its links to politics,

For The Moment

What's the Sculpture in Front of HMV?

This bronze sculpture of the googly-eyed, flute-nosed Doo Doo commemorates its creator, Street Puppeteer Igor Fokin. Fokin moved to Harvard