Final Clubs

House Committee Approves Bill Imperiling Harvard Sanctions

A Congressional committee has approved a bill tying federal education funding to students’ freedom of association, threatening Harvard’s ability to enforce its controversial penalties on single-sex social organizations.

Student Life Committee Plans Review of Student Groups’ Comps

The Committee on Student Life discussed an assessment of the social group sanctions, preparations for the new Allston campus, and a prospective audit of student organizations’ “comp” processes in its first meeting of the year Thursday.

Harvard's RSOs Explained

3 years have passed since Harvard implemented a set of sanctions against unrecognized social organizations — the university now faces a shifting social landscape and two lawsuits. Crimson reporter Shera S. Avi-Yonah describes the sanctions and RSO status in more detail.

Fox Considers Going Co-Ed After Undergrads Vote For Gender-Neutral Membership Twice

After its College student membership voted twice to go co-ed this spring, the Fox Club Graduate Association will meet May 14 to approve or reject the proposal, according to documents obtained by The Crimson.

In Final Legal Push, Harvard Defends Motions to Dismiss Sanctions Complaints

Harvard filed documents Friday defending its motions to dismiss state and federal lawsuits alleging the College’s policies on single-gender social organizations are discriminatory.

College Surveys Recognized Social Club Members on Harvard Social Scene

The Dean of Students Office is requesting that members of Recognized Social Organizations complete an online survey as part of an “assessment” of the new club category, asking them to evaluate Harvard social life to give the College a better understanding of the organizations.

Dean of Students Lauds Gender-Neutral Social Club Recruitment

Dean of Students Katherine G. O’Dair said in a Tuesday interview that College administrators are “encouraged” by “strong student interest” in social organizations that recently adopted gender-neutral membership policies in accordance with College regulations.

Experts Say Sanctions Lawsuits Are Unlikely to be Immediately Dismissed

Lawyers for the University filed two motions to dismiss the suits — one in state and the other in federal court — Friday evening. But according to analysts, Harvard’s arguments are unlikely to convince the judges to throw out the cases right away.

Harvard Argues Suits Challenging Social Group Sanctions Should Be Dismissed

Lawyers for Harvard argued that state and federal judges should dismiss a pair of ongoing lawsuits alleging the College’s social group sanctions are discriminatory Friday evening.

Federal Judge Will Deny Student Plaintiffs Anonymity If Sanctions Lawsuit Proceeds

Three unidentified College students who are suing Harvard over its social group sanctions in federal court will not be allowed to remain anonymous if the case proceeds beyond a motion to dismiss, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Harvard Objects to Protective Order for Anonymous Students in Sanctions Lawsuit

Harvard is arguing that plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit opposing the College’s social group sanctions are “premature” in requesting an order to protect anonymous undergraduates’ identities from public disclosure, according to a Monday court filing.

'Plowing New Ground’: Experts Say Harvard Sanctions Suits Employ Unusual Legal Arguments

The pair of lawsuits challenging Harvard’s sanctions rely on unusual and in some cases far-fetched legal arguments — but it is too early to know whether the complaints will be successful, experts say.

David A. Russcol

David A. Russcol, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the state suit, hand-delivered the complaint to the Suffolk County Superior Court Monday.

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