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Sanctions Analysis Graphic

Experts Say Sanctions Lawsuits Are Unlikely to be Immediately Dismissed

Lawyers for the University filed two motions to dismiss the suits — one in state and the other in federal court — Friday evening. But according to analysts, Harvard’s arguments are unlikely to convince the judges to throw out the cases right away.

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Final Clubs

Harvard Argues Suits Challenging Social Group Sanctions Should Be Dismissed

Lawyers for Harvard argued that state and federal judges should dismiss a pair of ongoing lawsuits alleging the College’s social group sanctions are discriminatory Friday evening.

RSO Recruitment Begins

Safe from Sanctions, Hundreds Recruit for Gender-Neutral Social Clubs

The number of students who expressed interest in the social clubs — all former sororities that went gender-neutral in the past year to avoid Harvard’s social group sanctions — marks an approximately fourfold increase from historically low turnout for sorority recruitment in spring 2018. Online registration for the joint recruitment closed Friday.

Bid Day 2018

Exempt from Harvard’s Sanctions, Four Former Sororities Hold Joint Recruitment

Touting their exemption from the College’s sanctions against single-gender social organizations, four former sororities have partnered to sponsor a joint recruitment process for new members during the spring semester.

Widener Library

Three Harvard Affiliates Win International Rhodes Scholarships

Michael Liu ’19, Olga Romanova ’19, and T. Mattea  Mrkusic ’17 have been named Harvard’s three newest international Rhodes scholars.

Christopher Stubbs

New Dean of Science to Implement Research Initiatives, More Courses

Physics and Astronomy Professor Christopher W. Stubbs has been appointed dean of science for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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SEAS Researchers Invent Technology to Improve Lenses

Professor Federico Capasso, postdoctoral fellow Wei-Ting Chen, and graduate student Alexander Y. Zhu pioneered the technology, alongside other members of the Capasso Group and researchers at other institutions.

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Harvard Medical School

New Data Reveals Harvard Researchers Saw Spate of Retractions In Last Decade

Harvard researchers are far from immune to retractions, according to new data published online last month. The database — released in October by Retraction Watch — includes over 18,000 listings dating as far back as the 1970s.

Science Center

Harvard Launches Quantum Science Initiative

Harvard University launched a new Harvard Quantum Initiative last Wednesday, aiming to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in pioneering quantum methods.

Rhodes Winners 2019

Harvard Senior Becomes First DACA Recipient to Win Rhodes Scholarship

Two Harvard seniors — Brittany N. Ellis '19 and Jin K. Park '18-'19 — have won the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Park is the first-ever beneficiary of DACA to become a Rhodes scholar.

Avi Loeb

Harvard Scientists Suggest Interstellar Object Could be Sent by Aliens

‘Oumuamua — which Loeb said means “a visitor from a great distance” in Hawaiian — was first discovered in October 2017 by a telescope in Hawaii.

Admission Data Graphic
Admissions Feature

Data Could Decide the Harvard Admissions Trial. Here’s How and Why

The trial and lawsuit unleashed mountains of classified Harvard admissions data. Both the University and SFFA employed statistical experts to analyze the data and testify about their results in court. So, who’s right?

Science Center

Changing the Distribution: The Transformation of Harvard’s Statistics Department

For its first 58 years, Harvard's Statistics Department did not have a single female tenured faculty member. In recent years, the tides have turned.

Earth & Planetary Sciences Gallery

With Rising Enrollment Numbers, EPS 10 Explores Earth’s History

The course offers EPS concentrators and non-concentrators alike a glimpse into important processes in the history of the Earth.

Avi Loeb

Breakthrough Starshot Initiative Aims to Discover Life in Other Solar Systems

Loeb said in an interview Monday that one of Breakthrough Starshot’s greatest challenges is designing a lightweight spacecraft that can travel at a fifth of the speed of light.