Ron Suskind Talks Family, Autism Communication App at Harvard Ed School

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron S. Suskind lectured on autism and identity at the Graduate School of Education Tuesday evening, sharing his experiences raising a son with autism and his efforts to develop a therapy app.

Goldsmith Awards at the IOP

Setti Warren, executive director of the Shorenstein Center, presents nominees at the Goldsmith Awards Ceremony Tuesday. Each nominee received a round of applause for their reporting achievements.

CNN Journalist Don Lemon Addresses Racism and Homophobia Against Journalists at IOP Event

CNN journalist Don C. Lemon addressed the intersections of race, media, and politics at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics Friday evening. He spoke about how his personal background has created a certain set of expectations for his work.

Former NYT Editor Jill Abramson Accused of Plagiarism, Admits Citation Errors

Allegations of plagiarism embroiled former New York Times Executive Editor and Harvard lecturer Jill E. Abramson ’76, whose latest book, “Merchants of Truth,” came under scrutiny from journalists Wednesday.

Linda J. Greenhouse ’68: ‘A Largely Exemplary Life’

Greenhouse says that acclimating to and excelling in The Crimson’s male-dominated newsroom was “a toughening exercise.”

Middle East Reporting

In Sever Hall, four prominent journalists named Michael Petrou, Jonathan Guyer, Izzy Finkel, and Sharaf al-Hourani spoke about the moral responsibiliies and challenges of reporting on Middle East news.

A Calmes Conversation

Jackie K. Calmes, the White House editor for the Los Angeles Times Washington bureau, discusses the interaction between conservative media and national politics at the Kennedy School Tuesday afternoon.

Woodruff and Ifill Receive Radcliffe Medal

Amid applause and light drizzle, journalists Judy Woodruff and the late Gwen Ifill received the Radcliffe Medal at the annual Radcliffe Day Ceremony Friday.

Chicago Tribune Reporters Win Nieman Center Journalism Prize

The award honored journalists Michael J. Berens and Patricia Callahan for their work exposing abuse and neglect in Illinois group homes.

Amy Goodman Talks Media Bias At Book Talk

“I think the media can be the greatest force for peace on earth. Instead, all too often, it is wielded as a weapon of war," Goodman said.

Fake News Research Guide Draws Ire from Conservatives

Right-wing news outlets are lambasting the Harvard Library’s online research guide “Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda” for linking to a site that they argue mislabels conservative news and research sources as illegitimate.

Shane Bauer of Mother Jones Awarded Goldsmith Prize

Shane Bauer—a reporter for Mother Jones who worked at a private prison for four months and chronicled his experiences and the prison’s mismanagement—won the $25,000 top prize.

Journalism in a Post-Truth Era

Panelists Gerard Baker of the Wall Street Journal, Lydia Polgreen of the Huffington Post, and David Leonhardt of the New York Times discuss the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump and the further role of the journalism in a “post-truth era" in a conversation moderated by Ann Marie Lipinski in Sanders Theater.

At Panel, Journalists Debate Future of Media

​University President Drew G. Faust convened a panel of prominent journalists to discuss the industry’s future in Sanders Theatre Tuesday.

Righting the Record

Conservative New York Times columnist Ross G. Douthat ‘02 and historian Donald T. Critchlow led a panel discussion on women’s roles, family values, homosexuality, and reproductive policy at the Knafel Center Monday afternoon. The Schlesinger Library hosted the event as a part of an initiative to create a more complete and balanced history of our times.

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