Valentine's Day

Love Letter to Feb. 15

Valentine’s Day is… fine, but today is even better. Chocolate, drama, being halfway through the week… Feb. 15 is the only thing that makes Feb. 14 worth getting through, and I’ll tell you why.

Flyby’s Past Datamatch Experiences

Whether it be your first time doing Datamatch or you just want to read about other people’s experiences, we’ve compiled a list of past Datamatch matches from our writers to help you figure out what to do with your top matches!

Valentine’s Day for Dummies

Don’t worry, Harvard Square can be charming, and your hopeless-romantic, YA-romance-novel-obsessed, relationship veteran, Flyby staff writer is here.

How To: Valentine’s Day for Long-Distance Couples

Whether the distance is Quad-Mather or across a continent, here are some ideas for you to celebrate with your Valentine even if you aren’t physically together.

How To: Guide to Galentine's Day

Forget Valentine’s Day—Galentine’s is the real, notable, love-related ‘holiday’ in February. Flyby’s got you and your (single) besties covered this year, with ideas on how you all can spend the evening. From playing squash to hosting a cook-off and watching rom-coms all night, this year’s Galentine’s will be full of laughter and fun, and definitely no Valentine’s Day fomo (finger’s crossed on that last one).

What Kind of Harvard Friend Are You?

We know you’re a great friend. An amazing friend. An absolutely fantabulous friend. But, umm, exactly what kind of friend are you? Take this quiz, and we’ll let you know.​​​​​​​

Keeping Your Faraway Friends Close

Maybe your bestie lives 3,000 miles away in Cali. Maybe your sneaky link transferred to the Quad. Either way, the distance between you doesn’t have to tear your friendship apart. Here are some tips to help distance make the heart grow fonder.

Flyby's Valentine's Day 2023 Playlist

This Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered. Whether it be chilling with friends (#galentine’s), figuring out how to ask out your crush, or planning a special date night, check out Flyby’s Valentine’s Day 2023 Playlist for the inspiration, vibes, and feels to set the mood.

Single and Gay on Valentine's Day

The whole thing about being gay is, you can’t really do it alone. I can say I’m a lesbian until the day I die, but as long as I’m single, I’m just a girl with a questionable haircut and a carabiner on my (left) belt loop. And no day adds insult to this injury quite like Valentine’s Day.

What to Do If You’re Single on Valentine's Day

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, a) you’re not alone, and b) you don’t have to feel alone, because Flyby is here with some handy tips for single people to survive Valentine’s Day, also known as Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.). There is no need to turn into the Grinch (Valentine’s Day Version) because love is all around, so here’s how to embrace self-love, friend love, family love, food love, pset love and so on.

Dear Flyby, How Do You Get Them Out of Your Head?

Do you find yourself sitting in a d-hall for the entirety of the time it’s open for dinner so that you can authentically meet that one person you’re thinking of even right now? Perhaps, it’s the person you really just want to call and blurt out that you’re in love with them… but that would be an issue considering you only met last week. Whatever the case may be, your roommates and the entire world want to talk to you without you glancing left and right to glance at that special someone.

Five Reasons Why I’m Still Single After Datamatch

Datamatch has come and gone, and yet (despite our best Crush Roulette efforts) we're still single. We've already put our love lives in the hands of an algorithm, so I guess it can't get much worse? Here's hoping we all have better luck next time around!

Single and Ready to Mingle

Some common feelings around dating.

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