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Caroline S. Engelmayer is a News Executive of the 146th guard. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @cengelmayer13.

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Sororities, Fraternities Nationwide Declare Support for Lawsuit Challenging Harvard’s Sanctions

Scores of fraternities and sororities nationwide declared their support for a pair of lawsuits filed against the University Monday.

Harvard Says Amnesty Policy Will Be In Effect at Harvard-Yale Game

The College’s amnesty policy — which grants intoxicated students under 21 exemption from punishment in certain cases — will be in effect during the Harvard-Yale football game at Fenway Park on Nov. 17.

Khurana 'In Dialogue' With Some Remaining Single-Gender Groups About Going Co-Ed

Aministrators are “in dialogue” with some of the few single-gender social groups left on campus about the possibility of going gender-neutral and thus avoiding Harvard's sanctions, Khurana said in an interview last Thursday.