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Lostboycrow Overcompensates at Times, Glistens in Other Moments

When Lostboycrow became comfortable, his soul and voice hypnotized the audience. If he can scrap his vision of electronic dance and forge a path into a softer, dream pop arena, his artistry will become more valuable and his concerts will become increasingly complete.

Julie Goldman

Women Celebrated in Comedy Festival

Sexism isn’t funny, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the butt of many jokes at the annual Boston based Women in Comedy Festival. The festival celebrated the humor and accomplishments of women comics, while providing an opportunity for reflection on the challenges they faced.

On Campus

Music Tech Co-Founders Seek to Reinvigorate Boston Music Scene

Boston is a special place in my heart. We’re finally talking about innovating music technology here in Boston. I want to give the artists here more bookings. We’d love to reinvest back into this town.

Grace VanderWaal in the music video for "Clearly."

Music Video Breakdown: 'Clearly' by Grace VanderWaal

Clearly she enjoys her fame, but it isn’t clear that it’s worth everything she’s sacrificed. She knows geometry is important.

The Dock of the Bay

The King of Soul in the Twenty-First Century: Otis Redding and The Dock of the Bay 50 Years Later

Fortuitous circumstance, vivid style, passion, and unabashed humanity turned a long-shot hero into one of the most beloved popular singers of the 20th century.

Pray For Me

Lamar and The Weeknd Run Out of Steam on ‘Pray For Me’

Even after acknowledging the film’s context, Lamar and The Weeknd still complicitly pander to the status quo.