Chloe I. Yu

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Marielle Franco Protest

A memorial honors the one-year anniversary of Marielle Franco's killing in Brazil. Franco was a city councilor in Rio de Janeiro and an activist for women's and BGLTQ rights.

Curricle Departments

Curricle allows users to search for courses by keywords, departments professor networks, and learning styles. Through interactive visual graphics and knowledge networks, Curricle aims to make the course selection process more engaging for students.

Curricle Diagram

metaLAB's most recent project, Curricle, is a new and interactive course guide for Harvard students. Curricle is "a platform of digital tools that maps the Harvard curriculum through elegant data visualizations."

Sarah Newman

Sarah Newman, a Senior Researcher for metaLAB, describes her work as a Venn diagram in which the three circles are technology, art, and the humanities. She prefers the term "New Media" to "Digital Humanities," as she thinks it is more a more accurate depiction of metaLAB's work.

Moral Labyrinth Metalab

Sarah Newman shows the first version of the Moral Labyrinth, a series of ten foot red wall panels displayed in a Berlin museum. This interactive ethical and philosophical installation plays with ideas of permanence, interactivity, and space through its use of material.

Secrets at Metalab

In the analog version of "Secrets," a labeled wooden box in the center of a glass elevator in MIT's Media Lab asks passers-by to record a secret. Once the secret is deposited, a sensor in the box is triggers a voice to read a separate, pre-recorded secret aloud. This installation aimed to encourage viewers to consider the nature of secrets and privacy in an increasingly digitized world.