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In Photos: Local Arts Endure the Pandemic

After the coronavirus pandemic hit, only essential services and businesses were permitted to remain open to help control the spread of the virus. Along with the closure of indoor dining, schools, and sports venues, arts institutions were forced to shut their doors to the public and retreat to a virtual space. Many of Boston and Cambridge’s centers of arts and entertainment learned to adapt to the uncharted territory, many suspending their performance seasons for the first time ever.

Athletics and Harvard Business School

Harvard University Athletics Complex and Harvard Business School are on opposite sides of North Harvard Street. In a break with tradition, the Ivy League is allowing this year's seniors to compete in athletics as graduate students.

Amir Siraj

Amir Siraj '22 coauthored an article in the journal Nature about the Chicxulub impactor, the object believed to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.