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‘Sink’ Review: A Distinctive Debut Memoir

Thomas’s lightly experimental yet always acute prose takes readers through his childhood and adolescence in Philadelphia, ever-surrounded by varying levels of hostility and indifference in his home and at school.

In Memory of My Uncle Brent Renaud

As Brent’s family, we all knew the risks of his line of work. We believed in its journalistic necessity just as he did. In making visible the unfortunately oft-overlooked suffering at the heart of crises, Brent threatened the control of those in power — and paid the ultimate sacrifice for it. This was his life’s work. He made an outsize difference in the world up until the very end.

‘Birds of Paradise’ Review: Another Dance Film Disappoints

Films about ballet can bring the traditional, exclusive, inaccessible art form to a wider audience, but they must take more care not to perpetuate harmful ideas of power, sex, and politics in the industry.