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Faster Immune Response Results in Longer-Lasting COVID-19 Immunity, HMS Study Shows

COVID-19 patients with milder symptoms and swifter recoveries have prolonged immunity from reinfection, Harvard Medical School researchers found in a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Nov. 3.


Healthcare Workers Discuss COVID-19 Experiences and Storytelling in Webinar

Boston healthcare workers discussed their experiences combating COVID-19 in diverse populations at a webinar Thursday hosted by the Harvard College Medical Humanities forum.

Radcliffe Yard

Radcliffe Panelists Link Systemic Racism, Obesity, COVID-19

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study hosted a webinar Tuesday addressing the connections between obesity, COVID-19, and systemic racism.

Radcliffe Yard in Spring
Radcliffe Institute

Radcliffe Fellow Reid-Pharr Discusses Forthcoming Book on James Baldwin in Online Event Series

Radcliffe Fellow Robert F. Reid-Pharr showcased his work on the legendary novelist, poet, and activist James Baldwin on Wednesday afternoon.

Quincy House Voting

Cambridge Maintaining Six Voter Drop Boxes for November Election

The City of Cambridge Election Commission has installed five additional voting drop box locations to ensure an efficient collection of ballots in the upcoming state and presidential election.

Widener Library

Toronto Professor Shams Discusses the Interconnectivity of Geopolitics and Immigration In Book Talk

University of Toronto Assistant Professor Tahseen Shams argued that conventional methods of analyzing immigrants’ conception of themselves have neglected to consider the influence of places located beyond the home and hostland in a Zoom webinar Wednesday.