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Schlesinger Library
Radcliffe Institute

With Campus Open, Schlesinger Library Pushes Forward with Digitization, Collection Diversification

The Schlesinger Library plans to continue its digitization efforts and diversify its collection as staff members return to in-person work.

Radcliffe Brown II event

Radcliffe Brown II event

Radcliffe Dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin, left, and artist Tomashi Jackson discussed Brown II — Jackson’s new exhibition — at a virtual event Monday.

Radcliffe Brown II event
Student Life

Artist Discusses Radcliffe Institute Exhibit on Brown v. Board Court Case

Artist Tomashi Jackson and Radcliffe Dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin discussed Brown II — Jackson’s new exhibition — to promote the Institute’s Presidential Initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery, which aims to understand Harvard’s historical ties to slavery.

Radcliffe Yard in Spring
Radcliffe Institute

‘A New Window to the Universe’: Radcliffe Institute Reflects on Scientific History of Gravitational Waves

Dean of the MIT School of Science Nergis Mavalvala – one of the astrophysicists who first directly detected gravitational waves – gave a lecture on the scientific history of gravitational waves Tuesday at an event hosted by Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

Health and Social Policy Moving Forward Event

Harvard Faculty and Public Policy Experts Talk Health Care and Polarization at HSPH Event

Harvard faculty and public policy experts discussed health care policy in an era of extreme partisan polarization at an event hosted by the Harvard School of Public Health, Politico, and The Commonwealth Fund on Wednesday.

Hutchins Center

‘Like a Poison’: Medical School Hosts Conversation on White Supremacy in Textbooks

Harvard researcher Donald Yacovone discussed his research into the ways white supremacy has and continues to permeate the textbooks used by American students at an HMS event.

Black Hole Polarization

Harvard Astrophysicists Help Make Historic Discovery in Understanding Black Hole’s Magnetic Fields

A team of astronomers, including Harvard affiliates, have captured the first-ever image of a black hole’s polarized emission — which offers insight into its magnetic fields — according to an article published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters in late March.

Mallinckrodt Laboratory

Harvard Researchers Develop Cheaper Method For Renewable Energy Storage

In a step forward for renewable energy storage, researchers in Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology have accomplished the continuous splitting of impure water into pure hydrogen and oxygen gas by leveraging a process called forward osmosis, according to an article published earlier this month.

Vaccine Rollout: Perspectives from the States Panel

State Health Officials, Experts Discuss Progress and Future of Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

State health officials and experts discussed Covid-19 vaccine prioritization and distribution at the state level during a Harvard School of Public Health forum Tuesday.

School of Design
Graduate School of Design

Mayors Discuss Urban Planning for Racial Justice at Graduate School of Design Panel

The Harvard Graduate School of Design brought together mayors from across the country for a panel discussion Friday on how urban planning and design can be utilized to combat racial injustice in their cities.

Medical School

HMS Researchers Use Machine Learning to Recommend Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials

Harvard Medical School researchers have developed a strategy that uses machine learning to recommend drugs as candidates for clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, according to an article published in Nature Communications last month.