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Arts Vanity: A STEM Concentrator’s Favorite Music To PSet To

As a Chemistry concentrator, I’ve spent many a night determining ways to synthesize analogs of morphine and finding values of 𝛾 such that a pacemaker can be automated to prevent abnormal heart rhythms.

Maude Latour Concert Review: Exploring Love, Community, and The Now

Latour’s dynamic performance created a powerful experience for all, garnering buzz for not only her newest EP but also her entire discography. A rapidly growing singer, Maude Latour is sure to continue on her path of creating dazzling music.

Maude Latour Boston 1

Alt-pop breakout Maude Latour performs at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

Shame Concert Review: An Epic Return for The Rising Post-Punk Band

Playing hits from their most recent album “Drunk Tank Pink,” along with several unreleased songs, shame showcased not only their musical breadth but also their lyrical depth while grappling with the anxieties of reality, performance, and finding a place in the world.

shame performs at sinclair

English punk band shame performs at The Sinclair. Left to right: Sean Coyle-Smith (guitarist), Charlie Forbes (on the drums), Josh Finery (bassist in the center) and Charlie Steen (vocalist on the right).