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Modified Classroom to Table
Student Life

Classroom to Table Returns With Coffee Break Edition

Classroom to Table, the popular College program that brings faculty and students together to share food and company, is back for the first time since the pandemic’s onset — albeit through a modified format.

Harvard Indian College Plaque
School of Public Health

HUNAP Director Discusses How to Improve Indigenous Mental Health Care at HSPH Lecture

Director of the Harvard University Native American Program, Joseph P. Gone ’92, discussed how to improve mental health care for Indigenous populations at an online lecture hosted by the Harvard School of Public Health on Tuesday.


With Monolog, Journaling Meets Artificial Intelligence

Monolog tries to differentiate itself from other mental health apps by using natural language processing, a technology which allows devices to understand text and spoken words like humans do. According to the app’s sleek, purple website, Monolog is meant to be quicker than traditional pen-on-paper journaling and more accessible than therapy. Its tagline reads: “Understand your Emotions. Understand your Trends. Understand your Story.”

Ayanna Pressley Custodians Rally

Rep. Pressley, Supporters Call on Harvard to Raise Staff Wages at Tuesday Rally

Nearly 200 demonstrators, including U.S. Rep. Ayanna S. Pressley (D-Mass.), other elected officials, undergraduates, and union supporters, called on Harvard to offer higher wages to its custodial workers and security officers at a rally in Harvard Yard Tuesday afternoon.


The Living Memory of Derrick Bell

In a 1990 photograph, Derrick Bell, the first tenured Black professor at Harvard Law School, speaks as a crowd of students rally behind him. In the front row, students clutch a banner that reads, “Harvard Law School: On Strike for Diversity.” The photograph was taken during Bell’s controversial announcement that he would be taking a “leave of conscience,” refusing to return until HLS hired a Black, female, tenured professor.

Dana Bullister
City Politics

‘Cambridge is for Sale’: Dana Bullister Campaigns on Tackling Inequity in Politics

City Council candidate Dana Bullister never thought about public office until a friend and former Cambridge City Councilor urged her to consider the council.


‘Exclusion Kills’: Panel Discusses Forced Migration in Eastern Mediterranean

Humanitarian and policy experts discussed how the Afghan refugee crisis and coronavirus precipitated forced migration to the Eastern Mediterranean region of Europe in a virtual panel hosted by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Thursday.

Harvard Law School 3
Harvard Law School

Tech Experts Debate Strategies to Regulate Social Media, Protect Private Data

Legal and policy experts debated strategies to protect private data on platforms including Facebook, Google, and Twitter in a virtual panel hosted Tuesday by the Berkman Klein Center.

IOP Event with Ash Carter

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Criticizes American Withdrawal from Afghanistan at IOP

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter criticized the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan at an event hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Wednesday.

School Mask Mandate Lawsuit Design
The Scoop

The Battle Against Masking Comes to Cambridge Schools

Several suits filed by Children's Health Rights of Massachusetts challenge mask mandates instituted in school districts across the state — at a time when debates over mask mandates in schools have engulfed the nation, ranging from parent petitions to physical protests and arrests at school board meetings.