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Harvard Law School 3
Harvard Law School

Tech Experts Debate Strategies to Regulate Social Media, Protect Private Data

Legal and policy experts debated strategies to protect private data on platforms including Facebook, Google, and Twitter in a virtual panel hosted Tuesday by the Berkman Klein Center.

IOP Event with Ash Carter

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Criticizes American Withdrawal from Afghanistan at IOP

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter criticized the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan at an event hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Wednesday.

School Mask Mandate Lawsuit Design
The Scoop

The Battle Against Masking Comes to Cambridge Schools

Several suits filed by Children's Health Rights of Massachusetts challenge mask mandates instituted in school districts across the state — at a time when debates over mask mandates in schools have engulfed the nation, ranging from parent petitions to physical protests and arrests at school board meetings.